Original entrance doors for the entrance of the home

Original Receivers

The Hall area Is the one we first see when arriving at a home, and why it should be a nice and cozy place, that combines with the style of the house and add personality. Today we are going to see many ways to decorate original reception hall for the entrance of the home with a few ideas that you can add in yours.

In a hall there is not much space, but we do have walls to decorate and the possibility of Add a creative and original furniture , As well as storage space. The style can also help us create a very original lobby at home, as there are some that can be surprising, such as minimalist, industrial or chic.

Original receptors with rustic charm

Antique furniture

Do you have an antique furniture that you can not take advantage of? If so, you can probably get a Receiver with as much personality as these . An antique furniture always has charm, especially if we leave that patina of worn that has given the time. We will only need a few more modern decorative details to renew it, or to paint it of a nice color, like that one in green mint, to give a new life to him.

Minimalist receivers

Minimalist style

He Minimalism returns to trend , So we can create a lobby where we find a very chic space, with minimal expression in its elements. The good thing about this style is that if it is a small receiver we will also have the sensation of space and luminosity with simplicity and white color. In this case with a furniture of basic lines and some small decorative detail we will have the hall.

Chic style hallways

Chic style

He Chic style likes a lot of people , And is that it has a touch of unmistakable elegance. If you have a house decorated with this style, you may need one of these tables with those nice legs for your hall. The romantic touches are not lacking in these chic receivers, nor are the shades of gray, gold, white and black.

Original receivers with storage for the family

Original Receivers

In these receivers the originality resides in the form in which they have been distributed so that the whole family has its Space and storage area . We found a place with hangers with bags in which there is the name of each member of the family, along with a chalkboard with tasks, something ideal for houses with children. In another hall we have a piece of furniture that serves to sit and also to store things. A shelf with holes and nice wicker baskets give it a cozy touch so we have plenty of space to leave the shoes or the coats.

Decorative wall stickers

Wall stickers

We can also give you a Fun touch to our simple lobby With decorative vinyls. These have messages or figures and can be placed on any smooth surface, and there are also specific for the receiver. We can put them both on the walls and at the front door.

Receivers with original mirrors

Original mirrors

A mirror can give a lot of charm to a space, so here we have These with really nice designs . From one with golden feathers to one more simple with a black frame, matching the black lists on the walls. The secret is to choose the right elements that go with that mirror, from the striped wallpaper to the gold frame, and create contrasts with other pieces, such as those original floral print chairs that subtract seriousness from the black and white lobby .

Receivers with wallpaper

Painted paper

He painted paper Can be another element that serves us to create totally original receivers. With a table that stands out on the shades of the wallpaper and a mirror that adds space and light we already have the ideal set. In these cases they have chosen papers with bright colors or in the classic black and white, with stripes or geometric patterns. In the market there is a great variety in wallpapers for the walls so we will find fabulous ideas for all the receivers.

Receivers with compositions on the walls

Original walls

In these receivers they have created Walls with great dynamism , With those plates and the mirrors in the form of hexagon in copper tones, as if it were a honeycomb of bees. With many elements you can make original compositions, which do not have to be totally symmetrical, since combining elements will achieve much more dynamism.

Industrial Style Receivers

Industrial Style

Other Style that is trend And also it is very original is the industrial style. In this style we find furniture in rustic wood, or in metal, with touches inspired by the industry. No doubt it is always original something that draws attention, things such as that large metal watch or furniture in metal similar to the work lockers. This gives a renewed and special touch to the lobby of any home.

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