Original decoration with vintage sewing machines

Sewing machines

The world of Crafts and recycling Is a trend that we have seen many times in the decoration. In this case we refer to the old sewing machines, those used by our grandmothers and nowadays are not usually used for sewing but that when retained so well have been reused in other very different ways.

We will see various ideas about how Create an original decoration With vintage sewing machines. If you have one of those nice old sewing machines you can reuse it to decorate spaces with a vintage style and with a lot of creativity. Of course they are an element that has been revalorized as a decorative piece for spaces that want that vintage touch.

Sewing Machine

Sewing machine

If you do not want to change that beautiful sewing machine, you can always Give her a hand paint , Varnishing the wood and let it decorate some corner of the house. It is one of those vintage elements that almost without any retouching give a more welcoming aspect to everything. A unique piece that we must keep, as it is very decorative in any room, and without a practical, only aesthetic.

The vast majority of sewing machines have fallen into oblivion. Who has not seen the old Singer or the Alpha sewing machines . So they'll probably need some work to get that new touch back. Today they are made Many crafts with them. From restoring them in their original colors to painting them in the most unusual tones, such as that machine in red, or adding a top in a material other than the traditional wood, to renew their style.

Sewing machine made into dining table

Sewing machine as a table

For those who wish to do something with the Old sewing machines , There are many ideas available. In the vast majority of cases, the beautiful metal foot is used to make new tables, with a very original vintage style. These dining tables have preserved the foot of the machine and have added the top. So you have given the vintage touch right to your dining room. The mix of modern chairs and a top in another material makes it more original.

There are several styles that will combine with some tables Created with a machine foot Of vintage sewing. We refer to rustic, vintage and industrial styles. In all of them the old elements are welcome, and if in addition they are original so much better. In industrial aesthetics it also fits thanks to the material and that it was a working machine.

Sewing machine for office

Office with sewing machine

To renovate the home office we can also use these sewing machines. In this case they have created Offices with an eclectic style In which they mix different elements. A sewing machine foot with a wooden board to create an original office table and chairs that have modern or classic styles. Do not forget that blends are the order of the day and we can make our office have all the elements and styles that we want.

If with the table foot you have a small workspace, you can always do as in the second case, in which you have Used for one end . Metal chairs have a modern style but combine in material.

Sewing machine as a sink

In this case we need a little more work and probably a professional to help us To create a sink from a sewing machine . The idea is the same. We use the foot as base of the sink and add the top. It is undoubtedly an ideal piece of furniture for a vintage bathroom or for a rustic one. Even for a modern bathroom in which we want a touch of originality. In the case of the basin with the foot in black have also taken advantage of the top wood part of the sewing machine.

Sewing machine in the hall

Sewing machine in hall

These sewing machines can also be used to Make a simple side table . In this case they have been used in the entrance space. They have been painted in white or black, depending on the taste of each house, and have created a vintage charming hall. At the top they have added details in the same style of yesteryear and have got an original and very special entry.

Sewing machine painted with cheerful tones

Old Sewing Machine

We end up with old sewing machines that have reinvented with a much more novel and current style. In machines we usually find the color black as original tone, but in many occasions we want Adapt this part To the decoration of our home or simply to the trends of the moment. Well, in this case they have decided to paint the foot of the machines with flashy colors. A blue sky in one case and turquoise green in the other, to achieve a lot more original and colorful pieces.

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