Original bed headboards for your bedroom

Original Bed Headboards

The headboards have a Great decorative power. They can completely transform a bedroom and become a protagonist of this space, why not? Last month we did a review of the different Types of bed headboards That we can find in the market, do you remember? Today, however, we focus our attention on the original bed headboards.

In Decoora we leave today the traditional head of cane to focus on those with a original design. We speak of headboards built with innovative and / or everyday materials, painted on the wall or adhesives, among other examples. Headboards that we can acquire in different furniture stores but also build with our own hands.

Painted headboards

We can draw simple geometric forms To frame the bed, create large murals on the wall and turn them into protagonists of the bedroom or bet on delicate brush works that show our creativity. The painting invites us to be creative and these are just some of the alternatives that offers us to create original headboards.

Headboards painted on the wall

They are headboards that They do not rob us of space Useful in the bedroom. Very suitable, therefore, in bedrooms of small dimensions. This is undoubtedly one of the advantages of this alternative that also presents some inconvenience. Which? Having to paint the wall every time we want to change the design.

Adhesive bed headboards

Decorative vinyls also allow us to create a bed headboard without losing an inch of space. A Clean and reversible alternative To personalize our bedroom providing a modern, romantic, vintage or Art Deco touch to it. And all this economically.

Adhesive headboards

The possibilities are infĂ­tis; The market of Decorative vinyl Has grown dramatically in the last decade. Simple and neutral vinyls are still favorites, probably because they are easy to adapt to an already designed bedroom. Those with a more refined design, on the other hand, could limit us when choosing the bedding, lamps or other elements of the room, if we look for some coherence in the design.

Headboards built with everyday materials

All everyday material is susceptible of being converted into a bed headboard. From doors or windows that we have removed and sustained by new ones, to those mirrors or books that we never knew where to place. The case is Take advantage and recycle Those raw materials we have on hand to create original headboards.

Doors and windows

If you have recently replaced doors, windows or shutters in your home, this is a good opportunity to give them a second use. It will be enough to restore them to original headboards and print to your bedroom Industrial, rustic The vintage. Do not worry if you like the idea but you do not have to carry it out; You can economically get this type of material in any second-hand shop.

Doors and windows as original bed headboards

Surfboards, scooters, books...

Do you like to skate? Do you enjoy surfing? Are you a lover of reading? Let your passions be reflected on the headboard of your bedroom. You can use elements Related to your hobbies To create a custom bed headboard like the ones you can see in the image below.

Original Bed Headboards

It matches

The headboard built with a wooden frame and pink neon strings will probably be among the most widespread DIY in Pinterest. It is a simple idea that we all feel with possibilities to recreate. And like this, there are many others who also use a material as simple as the rope. There are also others more elaborate of course, such as those who create those who dominate the Macramé art . Both of them lead to results with an artisan character that dazzles.

Original headboards with ropes

Original headboards with natural materials

The headboards made of natural materials that we propose are temporary. So it is with those who have as protagonists Cut flowers and plants seasonal. These must be replaced frequently and adapted to the requirements of each season of the year.

Natural bed headboards

Normally these headboards have a Fixed structure, Usually made with wood and ropes, on which hang vines or other plants. The main advantage and disadvantage of them is that they allow us to transform the bedroom giving a refreshing touch and new every little time. If we do not want to"work"so much but want to bring the exterior to the interior of our home, we can bet on a headboard made with logs.

As you have been able to verify create Original bed headboards It is within reach of our hand. A little creativity is all we need to take advantage of materials that we have at home and to which we want to give a second chance. And if creativity fails us we can always resort to formulas already made. Nowadays there are numerous platforms on which we can pick up ideas to put into practice.

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