Original alarm clocks to get you out of bed

Original alarm clocks to get you out of bed

According to the Royal Spanish Academy an alarm clock is a"clock that, when it is previously set, rings a bell, a bell or a buzz, To wake up to sleep Or give another warning." Some years ago it was an indispensable element in any bedside table; Nowadays mobile phones have relegated them to the background.

Although the mobiles can function as an alarm clock, they can not print to your bedside table the character of the alarm clocks we propose today. They are Original alarm clocks To get you out of bed! Most will wake you up with that pippiipi piiii piii that we find so disgusting, but after that moment alarm, you'll be smiling.

Our favorite subject, the adage BWV 974 of Johann Sebastian Bach or the anthem of our team; Whatever the tune that wakes us up in the morning, the moment of alarm Always cruel . And it's no use delaying the moment 5 minutes more for half an hour is even harmful! Experts say that by delaying the alarm we deceive our internal alarm clock, prompting the body to enter a new sleep cycle without enough time to complete it.

But let us return to the subject; We are not here to talk about sleep cycles. But to propose alarm clocks that will get you a smile and Will bring personality To your bedside table. Original alarm clocks that will draw attention and put the"color"note to your bedroom.


  • 1 Original alarm clocks with animal shape
  • 2 Geek alarm clocks
  • 3 Alarm clocks for nostalgics
  • 4 Wooden alarm clocks

Original alarm clocks with animal shape

Animal-shaped alarm clocks are the first to catch our attention. We have found them with Owl, fox, bear or rabbit , Made in different materials: metal, wood or ABS in the case of LED digital clocks. In natural colors, soft pastel or vibrant yellow or orange tones will add an innocent, naive and fun touch to your bedside table or desk.

Original alarm clocks with animal shape

1. Owl Alarm Clock - Maisons du Monde 2. Bear Alarm Clock - Tous 3. Alarm Clock Bunny LED - Tmart

Geek alarm clocks

In this section we can find the most fun designs. If you like original alarm clocks, the Lego Watches Are a good choice for your bedside table. Superman, Joker, Playmobil, Batman, Buddy, Darth Vader... you have many to choose from! You will also find numerous alarm clocks that are inspired by the Star Wars saga. And others that make us movie directors every morning.

Original alarm clocks

1. Alarm clock clapper - Chehook 2. Star Wars Alarm Clock - Amazon 3. Alarm Clock Lego Super Heroes - Amazon

Alarm clocks for nostalgics

Alarm clocks for nostalgic; Under that name we wanted to group those clocks that remind us of a part of our life with affection. Alarm clocks inspired by the old scooters, in childhood games like Pac Man, in the design of radios and televisions of decades past... You will find endless possibilities to give a retro touch to your little table.

Original nostalgic alarm clocks

1. Watch Vespa - Amazon 2. Retro Digital - Amazon 3. Pac Man Alarm Clock - Fnac

Wooden alarm clocks

There are watches that do not stand out so much by their form as by other design features like the material of manufacture or finish. Timber or wooden imitation watches with minimalist designs are today a trend. They are digital clocks with LED display that usually indicate besides the time, the time, the date, the temperature and the state of alarm (On / Off). Perfect for those looking for simple and pure lines with which to decorate your bedroom.

Wooden alarm clocks

1. Berlin Alarm Clock - Maisons du Monde 2. Pontina Clock - The English Court 3. Alarm clock / radio - Ginkgo

As you can see there are many and varied alarm clocks with which to give an original touch to your bedside table. Choose whichever you choose, this will give many clues about your personality. And making you with these kinds of designs is not expensive; You can find them from € 9 in online stores known by all.

Who has called your attention more? Are you going to buy some of them?

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