Nomon, watches of great visual impact

Nomon Watches

Decoora we like to let you know the proposals of the different Spanish companies dedicated to the household sector. Interesting proposals such as Nomon, which designs and creates Pieces of great visual impact To dress the walls of our home. With nomon the clocks stop being a mere complement, to become something more.

Nomon is not satisfied that his watches give the time. Creates Quality and avant-garde watches , Produced in an artisan way using innovative techniques. Designs that fit perfectly in modern environments, but also create an interesting contrast in rustic environments

Combining creativity, design and technology, Nomon designs a wide range of watches with which Decorate the walls Of our home, office or business. Minimalist watches like those of the Oj and Merlin lines. The first, characterized by its large size and color; The second, for the elegance of its 4 or twelve hourly points made in steel.

Watches Nomon 1

The spheres take center stage in the line Cris, which combines wood of Walnut, steel and / or video fiber . They continue to increase their size until they form the spectacular watches of the collection Barcelona and Bilbao, with double and simple circumference, respectively. Large clocks for large spaces; Lounges and offices.

Watches Nomon 2

The most original Nomon watches are probably the ones that make up the Punto y Coma, Pendulum and Pointer lines. The former are Wall clocks Made in high nickel steel and therefore very resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Pointer, on the other hand, is a very original table clock perfect for dressing an auxiliary table in the living room or an office table.

Watches Nomon 3

As you can see, Nomon watches are practical, Very decorative, Perfect to clothe the walls of any room in your home.

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