New ideas for decorating with vintage flowers

New ideas for decorating with vintage flowers

The Vintage flowers Can be a great theme to decorate the home. Whether you are referring to floral arrangements or to decorate with fabrics and vintage prints, these types of flowers conquer for their elegance. It is a type of decoration that is not old fashioned and has a lot of charm, so we will give you many ideas to decorate with vintage flowers.

The Vintage style flowers They are still fashionable in decoration. They are timeless ideas that bring a romantic air to everything. So it will certainly be a wise addition to many spaces in the home. You can include them in fabrics, or decorate with bouquets of vintage style, the ideas are endless.


  • 1 Vintage flowers in celebrations
  • 2 Decorate with vintage flower centers
  • 3 Vintage flowers on the walls
  • 4 Fabrics with vintage flowers
  • 5 Vintage flowers for the nursery

Vintage flowers in celebrations

Vintage Flowers

Celebrations are the ideal time to use flowers. Flowers of all kinds and in all spaces that are ideal to decorate every corner. Nowadays the vintage style has arrived at celebrations like weddings or communions, reason why we can not leave to enjoy small branches and centers prepared to give this one Touch vintage to every party . A great idea is to use vintage objects to make the bouquets. Whether glass vases, damajuanas, wooden boxes or metal cages. The ideas are varied, and the colors of the flowers are usually pastel, more matching the vintage trend. We only have to choose beautiful flowers, which have a romantic touch, be it white roses or field flowers, and add the antiquated touch with some object of yesteryear.

Decorate with vintage flower centers

Vintage centers

Create a Vintage flower center Is a great idea to decorate any space. We have to collect flowers that have a delicate air, flowers that are not too colorful, because they are the softest tones and the pinks that are normally used to create these vintage vases. Flower centers can be made with vintage glass vases, or also with old utensils, whether wooden boxes, or old glass or ceramic bottles.

Vintage flowers on the walls

Vintage Walls

Vintage flowers can also be used for Decorate the walls of the home . They can be included in many ways, although the most usual is to use a vintage inspired wallpaper. To add it to the walls should be smooth and be clean. You can follow a tutorial to put this flower wallpaper on the walls, because the printed papers are more difficult to add, because we have to make the drawing match.

If we decorate the walls of our home with Flower wallpaper , The furniture should have smooth and discrete colors, because the walls will be the protagonists. We can always mix some fun prints, such as stripes or polka dots, to create contrast and add a fun touch to this vintage style.

Another way to decorate walls with these vintage flowers is with Vinyls on the walls , With pictures or with pictures that have vintage flowers. There are many ways to include them in the walls of our home.

Fabrics with vintage flowers

Vintage Textiles

Vintage flowers can be added at home through textiles. These can change the appearance of a space totally, so we can give the vintage touch with adding a Upholstered sofa with flowers , Or a blanket with this print. Curtains with vintage flowers are also a good choice, and certainly we have the printed bedding for the bedroom. Textiles are the best way to change the look of a space without spending too much. And we can use them for all kinds of spaces, on carpets, curtains, cushions or even sofas upholstered with flowers.

We can choose from Large stamped flowers To the smaller liberty flowers, which have an air more than the seventies. There are many ideas and prints, but above all we must choose those that have a vintage air, with soft or warm tones.

Vintage flowers for the nursery

Vintage Children's Flowers

Children's spaces often use Soft tones to decorate , And the vintage trend to come to this type of decorations, so it is not strange to see children's rooms in which they have integrated the beautiful vintage flowers. We have seen some children's rooms where they have used the floral prints for the walls, with beautiful floral wallpapers that give a dreamy and romantic touch to these types of rooms.

Vintage flowers are also used in Children's environments In all types of textiles. If the room has this vintage style, you can look for sheets or a Nordic with vintage floral prints that add charm to the antique furniture. It is a trend that can be added in many ways to spaces and that certainly brings us a very romantic touch in any place.

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