Muuto News: Nordic style articles for Spring

Muuto Catalog ss16

The Muuto Scandinavian firm Has renewed its catalog including new Furniture and lighting , As well as various accessories to decorate our home. The new collection is faithful to the minimalist style of the signature, the one that we like so much in Decoora and that so recognizable is beyond its borders.

Among the new additions to this new 2016 collection we find Fiber, a chair that provides maximum comfort in the smallest space. It is probably one of the most striking incorporations next to the originals and Elegant ceramic pieces , Characterized by their numerous faces.

With the protagonism that the Nordic style Has claimed in the last decade, firms like Muuto have become fashionable beyond their borders. Its furniture and decorative accessories conform to the Nordic standard: they have clean and rounded lines and are presented in soft colors: white, beige and different pastel shades.

Muuto Catalog ss16 1

Featured Muuto Articles

  1. Chair Feber. Produced from an innovative material with 25% wood fiber, Fiber has been designed to balance maximum comfort and minimum space. It comes with up to four different bases, with or without armrests and in a wide range of colors.
  2. Grain Lamp . The minimalist design lamp designed by Jens Fager, is equipped with an LED bulb. This saves energy resources while at the same time providing natural and warm light to illuminate the workbench or kitchen island.
  3. Lamp E27. Converted into an icon for Muuto, this bare bulb has a unique industrial charm. It can be used alone or in groups to create a chandelier.

Muuto Catalog ss16 2

  1. Vase Elevated. The unexpected combination of materials brings a unique style to this handmade vase. The ash wood base represents the connection to the earth, while the glass acts as light and air. It is decorative even when it has no flowers.
  2. Ceramics. Cups and coffee makers of the Push series, will soon find strong competitors in the new multi-part pieces. We still do not know what the characteristics of the same, but we suppose that they will be made in porcelain like the previous ones. Do not they look original?

Muuto Catalog ss16 3

Where to find them?

Muuto does not have its own online store, something that graces our pocket. Its products, however, are marketed through a Wide network of distributors In many countries, including Spain. You can find them in Barcelona (Domestic Shop and Nordicthink), Bilbao (Mosel), LogroƱo (Another way of seeing things, Osaba Electronic Supplies), Murcia (Internal Fonts), San Sebastian (Kado) and Vitoria (Mosel).

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