Modern and masculine bedrooms in blue tones

Men's bedroom in blue tones

We started the week in Decoora giving them a strong role in the Spaces of a masculine character . On Monday, we enter a modern apartment full of contrasts located in Berlin; Today we show you different male dormitories decorated in blue tones in order to inspire you.

The color blue Is the common denominator of all the bedrooms we have selected for you. We find it on the walls and / or in bedding combined, usually with other neutral colors. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom, in each of these spaces you will find fantastic ideas.

Blue is a color traditionally associated with the masculine gender. Hence it is common to find him decorating d Modern and masculine bedrooms Like the ones we show you today. Spaces that respond to different styles and today, we take the opportunity to give you some clues regarding the use of this color in the decoration of them.

Men Bedroom in Blue Tones 1

What blue do we use?

Within the wide range of shades offered by the blue, The darkest Are also the most popular for decorating men's bedrooms. The so-called Classic Blue"(19-4052) and"Monaco"(19-3964) are always a good reference. Along with these, others also highly demanded are the grayish blues thanks to their metallic character.


Bedroom in blue tones 2

How do we introduce the blue in the bedroom?

There are many ways to incorporate blue into a bedroom. We can do this by painting the main wall of that color, the one on which the head of the bed rests. We can also incorporate it through the linens: Quilts, blankets, cushions... And why not combine both proposals?

Men Bedroom in Blue Tones 3

With what colors do we combine the blue?

The color blue does not find it difficult to make friends. Black, white and gray Especially the gray! They become great allies when we deal with the decoration of men's bedrooms. Nor should we discard the browns and ochres in order to bring warmth to the space. The most daring are likely to be attracted by yellow, as a complement to blue: a great proposal in small doses.

Do you like blue to decorate the bedroom?

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