Mistakes you should avoid when decorating small rooms

Small bedroom

It's just as complicated to decorate A large room Than another with small dimensions. There is a Series of errors That most people usually commit when they have to decorate a small room causing the result Is not the desired one.

So that you do not fall into the same mistakes, do not lose detail of how you must decorate A small room Of few square meters.

Overload it

If the room is too small one of the most common mistakes is Overload it too much . If you decorate this stay with many furniture and objects, you will get the same Look smaller Of what it really is. Opt for what is absolutely necessary and this way you will make your own room look a lot Larger and wider.

Small bedrooms

Too cold colors

In case you have a room too small it is important that you use a series of Light colors And combine them with others to help you give you a little vivacity To the stay itself. Even if you use a light white color to give Feeling of breadth You can choose a color like black or dark gray to paint a wall and in this way to get A nice effect Decorative in the room itself.


Closets in excess

If you have a room too small you do not need to Numerous closets In which to store all your belongings, you can opt for a closet that has a series of sliding doors and in this way Save on space Throughout the room as well as gain in functionality.

Sliding wardrobe

Light in the room

A good lighting It will help make the space in question look much bigger than it actually is. Make the most of all the light that comes of the outside And opts for a type of artificial lighting that allows you Illuminate the room In an effective way.

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