Mini houses on wheels another lifestyle!

Mini houses on wheels another lifestyle!

The mini houses Are today an architectural trend. These small, self-sufficient and functional homes are attracting an audience that looks for sustainable options, that bets to lead a simple life and / or that desires greater financial freedom.

There are more and more people joining this Social and cultural movement Which is known as 'tinymania'. A movement that reduces the size of homes and invites you to live in a sustainable way with what is strictly necessary anywhere in the world. Yes, the mini houses on wheels will allow you to lead a nomadic life!

The Americans Jay Shafer, Gregory Paul Johnson, Shay Salomon and Nigel Valdez, who in 2002 founded the"Small House Society", which aimed to support research, development and construction of micro homes. From then on this phenomenon was growing, becoming a Architectural phenomenon And world real estate.

Minicasas on wheels

What is a mini house?

The mini houses are houses whose surface oscillates between the 10 and 25 square meters . Houses designed to achieve maximum use of space and minimal consumption of resources. They are usually built with wood and ecofriendly recycled materials. It is also common to use renewable energy in order to generate the least possible environmental impact.

The reduction of space, does not detract functionality to these houses compatible with a comfortable current life. In little more than 12 square meters they are able to agglutinate all type of comforts, Making the most of space And creating multifunctional zones. Design and creativity play an important role in these constructions in which it is used to the last corner.

Minicasas on wheels 1

The mini houses with wheels also offer us the possibility of enjoying a Nomadic life . We could define them as a kind version of caravans and motor homes, a natural evolution of them to generate a greater sense of home through warmer materials and a more careful design.

Advantages of mini houses on wheels

The mini houses invite us to To live sustainably With what is strictly necessary. They simplify our lives, reducing stress and providing us with a better quality of life. This is a simplified way of explaining the many advantages of this way of life that we have considered important to enumerate:

  1. Mini houses on wheels Can be towed , Being able to transfer them to the place of your choice and avoiding the need to pack and make changes. The expression"with the house on its back"takes on a literal meaning here.
  2. They are eco-responsible houses . Recycled materials are used in its construction, reducing the environmental impact. Many also opt for renewable energies in order to achieve a minimum consumption of resources. Due to their size and their concept, they can be installed in green areas.

Minicasas on wheels 2

  1. Its cost is lower Than that of a conventional dwelling. They are therefore a viable alternative for people with lower incomes and / or who do not wish to hire a mortgage.
  2. The mini houses with a Canadian construction or light wood framing, reduce the delivery times . Its construction is lighter than that of a conventional house of greater proportions.
  3. Reducing their size also reduces maintenance costs. He Energy saving Is considerable because by their volume these houses are heated and cooled more easily. Solar energy systems can allow you to have unlimited energy and modern water systems minimize their consumption to the maximum. It also reduces the common expenses derived from both cleaning and repairs.
  4. Everything at hand. In few square meters we find all the comforts since each corner is thought to enhance and optimize its use. There are no rooms or drawers in these houses.
  5. We are obliged to Simplify our life , Reducing stress. Living with the right allows us to better dispose our time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Mini houses on wheels

In order to enjoy the advantages that the mini houses offer us, however, we must be able to overcome the inconveniences. The Space constraint And the lack of privacy when two or more people live in the house, are insurmountable disadvantages according to people.

Although the economic advantages are for many showy, for those who join this social movement this is not usually the main reason. The 'tinymania' attracts a sector of society that seeks a Sustainable living model , With a minimum consumption of resources. It is therefore a reason of conscience rather than economic.

Environmental awareness, the way they represent to simplify life and the Freedom to move Of those who seek a refuge to escape from time to time or just enjoy a more nomadic life, are the main reasons to sneak by the mini houses with wheels. And you? Do you see yourself living in a mini house?

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