Living room in gray and white, a success in decoration

Gray and white lounge

Decorating in basic tones is always a success , and is that these colors are very easy to combine and with them we manage to create spaces that do not go out of style. The basic colors are also ideal to change the ambiance with small touches of color, without varying the base shades. That is why we are going to see beautiful rooms decorated in gray and white colors, a great success.

He lounge in gray and white It is a great idea, because this type of rooms will hardly go out of fashion and with these tones we can create serene and relaxing spaces. In addition, decorating in white and with touches of gray is a trend thanks to the beautiful Scandinavian style, so let's see how to inspire with these tones in our living room.

Minimalist lounge

Minimalist style

He Gray color and minimalist style they tend to be very close because in the minimal world, the most basic is sought and these types of tones are always used that do not go out of style. That is why we will see in many minimalist salons the gray and white binomial. In this room there is a large space with good lighting, so they have been allowed to paint the walls gray, something that we should not do in small rooms. The distinctive touch is given by the cushions, with some prints that break with the simplicity of the room.

Gray and white in modern style

Modern living room

The Modern living rooms also often use basic colors and furniture with basic lines. This room is white and gray but it is certainly very original, with some design pieces like that lamp. The details like these are what contribute something to rooms as simple as the gray and white rooms.

Scandinavian living room

Gray walls

If you like the Scandinavian style You have probably thought of a room with basic tones. The black and white can be a possibility, but to create more serene spaces is often used gray, an intermediate tone between the two, which is fashionable and offers many possibilities. Here they use broken gray, white and white for a bright and simple space.

Gray and white with prints

Nordic lounge

Gray and white can be a combination that gets boring because it is very simple. That's why if we want to add grace to the spaces we can do it with different patterns and textures . In this room the essence is white and gray, but much more is provided. A parquet floor that puts the warm touch, a natural plant, cushions with different prints and paintings with beautiful images. All this adds touches that turn the space into something very special and unique.

Touches of color

Touches of colorful

As we have said, using basic tones offers us great game possibilities . To change the spaces, we only need textiles that add touches of color. In this case colors have been used that contrast with gray, which is a cold tone. One of the best tones is yellow or ocher colors, because they provide a lot of contrast and combine really well with gray, but there are other colors that we can use, such as light pink or mint green.

Tropical touch

Tropical gray room

Here we have another room that despite being very simple offers original touches . White tables in Nordic style, a gray armchair and white walls to add luminosity. The tropical touch that brings color and freshness is provided by the cushions with palm prints, as well as the plants.

Chic lounge in gray

Chic style

We talk a lot about the Scandinavian style because it's a very simple style in which these tones are used with assiduity, but there are many other styles in which you can use the binomial gray and white . In this case we have a chic and classic style room that is renewed with these tones. Sofas upholstered in gray, wicker tables in white and many broken medium tones to combine everything. The living room has a certain shabby chic touch with those messy books, but retains an elegant and luxurious touch.

Stripes in the lounge

Gray room

We have already seen beautiful prints in the gray and white rooms, but this room has to be shared by the strength that these stripes bring. The Stripes will never go out of style , so they are an interesting success to give a special touch to the spaces. These stripes can also be added on the walls or on a rug. It's a matter of playing with the prints without saturating the spaces.

Simple style in gray

Simple style

For those who like simple things are these rooms. The gray rooms do not have to have many details to be beautiful. In this lounge play one more with the textures that with the prints, with that wall, the wooden floor, the carpet and the draped cushions. They have also added enough wood to give warmth without taking away the prominence to the gray color.