Lanterns to illuminate and decorate your next party


The good weather invites us to open our home and enjoy the outdoor spaces with those we love the most. Spaces in which we can create a very cozy atmosphere using lanterns. These, will provide the necessary light without subtracting privacy and will be very decorative.

If you are looking for elements with which to decorate the next meeting or party in your home , the lanterns they become a great ally. That is what they have been designed for if we look at the definition of the RAE:"Paper lantern, cellophane or colored plastic, which serves to decorate in festivals and parties."

Probably your definition of lantern was wider, but we will refer to the Royal Academy of Language to show you the best way this element can give your room or your garden that intimate and festive atmosphere , at the same time, that you are looking for your next party.

Chinese lanterns 1

Whether in winter or summer, in i interiors or exteriors, the lanterns give a special touch to the space. They are very decorative and you can use us in many ways: hanging from the ceiling in the form of a garland, hanging from the branches of the trees or on the ground marking the path.

Types of lanterns

As we have read in the definition of lantern, there are different types of these according to their material. The most popular are the paper lanterns , but it is also possible to find them in vegetable fibers or colored plastic both in the catalogs of the big decoration firms and in stores specialized in articles for parties.

We could also classify them by the technology they use to provide light. There are lanterns that use incandescent light bulbs and must be plugged in, others that bet on the led technology and among these, models that use batteries or work with solar panels.

Spherical paper lanterns

Spherical paper lanterns are the most popular. You can find them in different sizes and colors , with smooth or patterned patterns. Simple to assemble have a skeleton of metal wires from which the LED lamp hangs. Some require cable and plug; others work with a solar panel that transforms sunlight into electricity. A way to save energy and take care of the environment.

Spherical paper lanterns

Paper lanterns from Amazon, Ikea and Maisons du Monde

Paper lanterns are made for indoor and outdoor, but mostly they are not prepared for the rain. If you are looking for waterproof lanterns, that you do not have to remove for risk of damage, make sure they are waterproof.

Paper lanterns, non-spherical

Shaped cylindrical, globe u original origami designs; There are many possibilities in the market that will allow you to give your party the style you want: romantic, fun, exotic... They are harder to find but not impossible. You can do it in large e-commerce companies such as Amazon or Ebay and specialized stores.

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns from Amazon and Vegaoo

Some of these lanterns allow decorating the contours of a terrace or pool, as well as delimit the corridors from the garden to lead your guests to the table. Others, however, are designed to be hung either from trees or cables anchored to the roof.

Most frequent uses of lanterns

  • Illuminate a night party . When it comes to lighting a party at nightfall, rarely the lanterns are the only source of light. The usual is to combine them with garlands of lights to achieve adequate lighting. An illumination that allows us to see our guests well but does not stop being intimate. If bo have other sources of light, we can also use lanterns to mark the path from the entrance to the table, so that no guest will suffer a setback.

Lanterns for night party

  • Decorate a party table during the day . During the day the lighting is not so important and the lanterns usually have a purely aesthetic function. In these cases it is common to find the lanterns combined with other festive elements such as pennants or garlands of another type. You can use large lanterns on the table as a pendant lamp, group them on the wall on the buffet table or fill the ceiling with them. Bet on the color; as well as during the night the whites are the most popular, during the day they charge a greater protagonism vibrant tones or pastel.

Daylight lanterns

  • Decorate the children's room. The lanterns are also used to decorate children's bedrooms. Either to contribute to these colors, or provide a soft lighting with which the smallest sleep more quiet. You can hang them as if it were a mobile phone on their bed or decorate with them their favorite corner as if it were a group of balloons.

Children's bedrooms decorated with lanterns

Whether you prepare a barbacos with your friends in the garden, or if you want to celebrate a children's party or invite your family to share with you the baptism or the communion of your children, the lanterns are a good decorative bet. Play with the size and color of them to create the atmosphere you want.