Kitchens with island, advantages and ideas

Kitchens with island

Until recently kitchens with island were something we saw in American movies. These kitchens with island were not typical of our country, but seeing the advantages that this design has, more and more are the houses in which they have Added these kitchens with island , Which offer us much more work space and an area that serves us for many purposes.

There are certainly many models to inspire us in these Kitchens with island . From the most modern kitchens to classic ones, but all with functionality that is important in these spaces provided with the practical central island of work. We will discover ideas to create a kitchen with island and also many spaces to inspire us with the advantages that bring us these islands.

Advantages of islands in the kitchen

Natural style kitchen

In these kitchens with island we can enjoy a Very functional working space . In the kitchen we should always think about functionality, because it is a place where we have to work daily, sometimes cooking for many people. This island is a great advantage, as it adds work surface in case the classic kitchen counter is scant. In these islands you can also add different things. From storage in drawers to a sink, the area of ​​the ceramic hob or a dining area. It is a really practical space that will help us better manage the work in these kitchens with island.

Another advantage is that the islands are ideal for Open spaces that are trend nowadays. Open kitchens often have islands because they help connect with the rest of the space. It is a point of division and an area that serves us to work with greater space and tranquility in the kitchen. There are also many models of kitchens, more and more, and on each island we can find different functionalities, according to our priorities.

Kitchens with island in small spaces

Small kitchen

Normally islands are not chosen for small kitchens because there is usually no room for them. However, if we have a Open concept in our home , This island can be very useful. A kitchen open to the dining room or to the lounge area can have an island, which serves to unite both parts in a simple, as a more natural transition. In this kitchen for example we see how the island communicates the dining area and the kitchen, separating both. It is also a place that serves to pass the food to the other area, so it will serve as a side table and even as a dining room on the small floors where we can not have one. In this case, we only have to add chairs to enjoy the meal at this makeshift table.

Kitchens with island in wide spaces

modern kitchen

Yes the islands are more common in kitchens than they are spacious. These have plenty of space to add this island area, so that in the other part we can have the oven or the refrigerator. In this kitchen for example we find an island that serves as Informal dining room for the house , But also space for cooking and washing utensils, with a sink. All in a simple style with a modern design of basic lines. In this case they even have two different cooking zones, one of them can be hidden behind some panels, in case we do not need it.

Modern kitchens with island

Modern kitchen

It is very normal for these kitchens with island to be seen in Modern and minimalist spaces . The islands occupy space, so we need kitchens that are spacious, and we do not want to have a saturated kitchen, so we find straight and basic lines and spaces where there are large areas without too many details. This way we can use the table as a dining room or as a work space. It is undoubtedly a minimalist home ideal for adding these modern kitchens with island. They have a concept inherited from the kitchens of other countries and that is why they are linked to the most modern of the sector.

Classic kitchens with island

Classic kitchen

Although most common is to find kitchens with island in modern spaces, the fact is that if we have a Classic cuisine we can also adapt it To these new kitchens with island. In this we find a very large kitchen in wood, with appliances of classic style. In the island they have not wanted to have a point of support for the work, but they have decided that the island is the central place of the kitchen. It has both the oven and the stoves, so the island becomes the protagonist and the rest of the kitchen is a storage space with spaces to help in the work but are secondary.

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