Kitchens in U, keys to distribute them

Kitchen in U

We have already talked about the kitchens that have island, which are really comfortable and the most novel on the market. Today we are going to talk about a classic, the U-stoves , Those kitchens that take advantage to the last corner and are especially useful in small spaces. Yes, they also serve large and large kitchens and for those open spaces in which kitchens and living rooms are mixed.

U-stoves are characterized by Have that U shape . They are very cozy and usually adapt to the walls, although we already say that there are many other cases. The point is that they are practical because of the amount of space we have to move and to work.

Space in kitchens with U

Kitchen in u

U-stoves are thought of Many occasions for small kitchens , Although we must think that in the center should be a space of about 120 centimeters. Otherwise, if we had a very small space, the cabinets could collide and would be a rather uncomfortable space to work. So before doing it we should always measure the width and length of the kitchen to make sure how much space is going to stay in the middle. We must also know the width of the worktops in order to calculate everything.

These kind of kitchens are fine by the fact that We leave the space in the center And we take advantage of the whole site next to the walls, since they normally follow the course of these. The room would be taken to the last corner without leaving any empty space. But as we say, the rooms should be large enough so that the kitchen is not cramped and cramped.

Lots of storage

Kitchen in U

One of the great advantages of choosing U-stoves is that we will have plenty of space for storage. They have many spaces for Add doors and cabinets In the three corners, so that we have everything well organized. You can distribute the spaces as you want, adding the cooking utensils and the condiments in the cupboards closest to the area of ​​the stove. The tableware and utensils to put the table, are usually put on the other side, and cleaning products at the apex, because there is usually the sink.

One of the things we can do to earn in storage is Bring the cabinets up to the ceiling . Not only should we take advantage of the U-shape, but also the walls to gain storage. With more cabinets we will have more space to store utensils and have everything well ordered, something fundamental so that the spaces look good. So we should not skimp when adding cabinets or shelves, yes, without feeling that the space is saturated.

Working Triangle

Kitchen in U 1

The triangle of work in a kitchen refers to the Areas of the stoves, the washing area and a working area And storage. These three spaces are usually distributed in all three zones. This work triangle is usually placed in a long area of ​​the stove, with enough space to work the food, opposite is put more storage and work space and in the vertex the laundry area, with the laundry and dishwasher. It is a way to have everything well distributed so as not to be looking for things or mixing. Of course there are many other ways to do this. The fundamental thing is to separate washing of stoves and workspace. In the longest areas there are work spaces, with more countertops, and in the short area the space to wash, which is also usually in front of the window.

You can add an office zone

Kitchen in U

Office areas are those spaces where a Functional table Where you can eat something fast or have breakfast every morning without having to stain or use the dining room. In fact, in those floors that are small, they usually do without the dining room, which occupies a lot, to add an office attached to the kitchen, in the part of the U that is in front of the stove. Here is usually storage, but if we want an office, we can dispense with a few cabinets that we can put on the walls to have a functional area where we can eat.

These office are ideal for Open spaces and small homes . They allow us to create a kind of kitchen-dining room easily. In addition, this office keeps us in contact with those who are in the lounge area, as it is a way to connect both. In this case, the hob is not normally used, but other materials can be used to distinguish it from the rest of the kitchen, such as wood. A few simple stools are added and we will have an office space. The only disadvantage in this case is that we will be removing storage space, but can be solved in another way by adding cabinets and shelves open on the walls.

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