Kitchen stools, functional and decorative ideas

Kitchen stools

The kitchen stools they are essential in those kitchens that have an island or a bar to eat, being a really functional space that gives us a lot of play when it comes to enjoying family cooking. These stools can be of many types, so many that it almost costs to decide on one or the other, so we bring you a little inspiration.

Among the kitchen stools that can be found there various materials but also silhouettes and styles , even many colors to choose. That is why it is difficult to choose one in particular. What we should look at most is the type of stool and style, so that it combines well with the kitchen.

Where to put the kitchen stools

Stools for the kitchen are often used in kitchens that have islands or bars to eat . These kitchens are open and are usually large, but can also be seen in small kitchens that lack dining room, which is replaced by a small bar with stools where you can have breakfast and take meals. If your kitchen does not have these elements you will not need stools, unless you use them for a high table in a corner, as a dining room, something that can also be seen on small floors.

Stools with or without backrest

The kitchen stools can be purchased with or without backup . They are more comfortable with the backup, but it is also true that they take up more space. If you want to store the stools under the table because we have a gap, then it is better to opt for those who do not have support.

Stools in modern style

Modern stools

The modern kitchens They can enjoy stools that have avant-garde and minimalist designs. These for example have simple lines but a very modern design, almost futuristic, with white and orange tones, to put the color in a totally white kitchen. They also have a very small backing, which allows us to keep them equally under the island.

Stools in vintage style

Vintage style stools

He vintage style always like those old details They are renewed but still have all the charm of the world. That's why we also have some interesting ideas for the kitchen. Of course these stools can not be more original, made with leather or with saddles of old bicycles and with metal, which would also be integrated in the typical industrial style.

Classic stools

Stools in classic style

The classic style It does not usually go out of style and it's simple . These stools with wooden legs and upholstered in a raw tone are very simple. They do not attract as much attention as other more original stools, but the truth is that they are easy to combine and especially to find in stores.

Nordic kitchen stools

Scandinavian stools

The Nordic style can not miss among the kitchen stools. These pieces have a simple appearance and have some very Nordic details. The inclined light wood legs They are very typical in chairs or tables, and the top in white plastic with rounded and basic shapes tells us about this style.

Bohemian stools

Bohemian style stools

The bohemian style is usually very carefree and even have a vintage or exotic touch. The stools of this inspiration may be more difficult to find but it is also possible that we ourselves renew some simple wooden stools to give it a boho chic style . We see some stools with worn paint in different colors and also wooden stools in which the upper part has been modified with mandalas.

Industrial style stools

Industrial style stools

He industrial style usually use metal parts for your environments. The chairs and stools of the Tolix series are really famous and there is nothing that is more identified with this style. However, we can also find different ideas, much more original and special, like those stools in the shape of a pier.

Country style stools

Rustic stools

In the rustic style we find wood in dark tones , stone and durable materials and robust. This is the way stools of kitchens of this type should be, which are usually chosen in wood with darker varnishes than those in Nordic spaces. The most classic stools and even some vintage stools could also be used in these types of kitchens.

Color stools

Color stools

Do not forget about add color and joy in the kitchen area. If you think that you lack that touch of color, you have many stools painted in intense colors that can be ideal for this purpose. Colors like yellow or bright orange are good choices. And if you do not find the right tone, you can always choose to paint them yourself.

Wicker stools

Wicker stools

We also want to highlight the importance of a material that was a bit obsolete years ago and that has been revalued with new trends. Us we refer to wicker , which we can also see in some kitchen stools.