Keys to Understanding and Using the Konmari Method

Konmari method

If you are one of those people who always ends up living in chaos almost without realizing it, even though you try Put order in your life , It may be time to take note of a method that has been a revolution at the international level, both because of its simplicity and because we can all follow it at home to get the full order.

The Japanese Marie Kondo Is the one who is behind this Konmari Method, and has taken the book 'The magic of order', where he explains how to carry out this order and its benefits for our life in general. This Japanese started ordering the closets of the whole family and something that was a hobby became her profession. Today he advises many people who need to put order in his life.

What makes you happier


One of the main premises of this method is To stay alone with what you feel happy with . That is, sometimes we store things just in case, for when we go home or to sleep because they are things that we do not like before. Either because they have gone out of fashion or because they are old. So we accumulate many things that we leave just in case but that no longer bring us the same happiness as before. That is why we must gather everything we have and ask one by one, if that thing, piece of clothing or object makes us happy or useful to us today. If the answer is no, you have to leave it in the heap of throwing or giving away without remorse.

Start with the easiest

Book Marie Kondo

In the method we are not only going to have an order when storing things, but also when to undo what we do not need. It says that you begin with the easiest thing. That is to say, Because of the clothes , And then follow with objects and with which you may have more doubts, and finally objects that have sentimental value, such as photos or memories. When we start with the easy, we will get to the idea of ​​how to classify things that we do and do not want. That way it will be easier for us to finally do it with the most sentimental thing. So to undo we will also have to make groups of things and go looking at everything with what we want to stay and with what not. Apparently, according to the author of the book, if we do well, in the end we should have a third of the things we had.

Sort by categories

Categories are everything when ordering. If we want to know how to order everything, we must leave colors or places and Sort by categories , So that everything is easier to find. This is because our brain also classifies everything into categories and it will be easier for us to have a mental map of the category than to order for example by colors and find a pink shirt in the middle of pink. But if we have the shirts separately, we will see the rose right away.

When and how to order

The Japanese order guru tells us that the best time to order is in the morning , Because our mind is clearer of problems, so that we have more clear what we want to keep. We must get everything we have and put it into groups by categories to begin with the classification. Then it will be to order what we have left and to get rid of what we do not want.

Saving vertical


Among the premises of the author is the basis that vertical ordering is much more profitable. If we order the Vertical things We will take much more space, so that we will have much more room for those things that we have left.

Prevents noise in storage

Today there are all sorts of things and sorters to store. We bought so many drawers, dividers and classifiers that this instead of facilitating things only generate much more noise in the set, so we finally do not have the sense of order. Must Avoid naming everything , And it is best to choose the simplest forms of storage, such as boxes and drawers.

A place for everything

We must always Assign a place for each thing . We will have everything organized into categories, only what we use, and we must assign that place in particular, to be able to order everything more easily. That way we will always know where to put each thing and we will not have to leave things scattered or without a specific place, which generates this uncertainty about where to save it and there begins the chaos, because we do not have a space for everything. If we mentally have a space for every little thing, the order will remain almost alone, because we will always know almost unconsciously where each thing is.

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