Keys to recognize and decorate with the Nordic style

Nordic colors

He nordic style has become very fashionable in recent times, so we can see many spaces decorated with this trend. If you have also conquered the Scandinavian spaces, do not hesitate to write down all the keys to recognize and decorate with the Nordic style of fashion.

The Nordic style is that it arose in the Scandinavian countries, where functionality and design furniture are very important, but also the environment. Hence, the furniture is natural wood and natural elements and spaces are used, seeking simplicity. Attentive to each and every one of the keys to decorate in this trend style so much today.


  • 1 Furniture design
  • 2 Functionality first and foremost
  • 3 Less is more
  • 4 Black and white or pastel shades
  • 5 Stamped with basic lines
  • 6 Lots of wood
  • 7 Natural lighting
  • 8 Natural plants and candles

Furniture design

Modular Furniture

The design is very important in the Scandinavian world, and is that this trend looks for furniture that has a simple but modern and functional design at the same time. That's why you look for furniture with basic lines, but that has a design and modern finishes. These furniture often fulfill more than one function and surprise us even with futuristic designs that we had not seen before. Also very common are the modular furniture , as they are very functional and can be adapted to different stages of life or needs. The firm Ikea is a great pioneer in this type of furniture of Nordic design and enormous functionalities.

Functionality first and foremost

The functionality is very important in the Scandinavian style, almost as much as the modern design and basic lines. The furniture should be functional and we should not add things that really do not have much function, because the Scandinavian philosophy speaks to us of simple spaces where everything is functional and practical as well as beautiful. The furniture is often used for more than one function, especially in the case of children's furniture, to serve them beyond the early years, as within this ecological thinking of this trend is to use the furniture as long as may be possible.

Less is more

Simple style

At the time of decorating we find simple spaces , where there are few decorative objects and those that have been chosen with great care. Vases with geometric shapes, carpets with a simple stamping or sheets for walls with illustrations of basic lines. Everything is in the same line of simplicity so that the spaces have that Nordic aspect so ordered and basic. We should never reload a space that we want to look totally Scandinavian. When in doubt, we can start with just the details we need and add some touch over time.

Black and white or pastel shades

As for the colors we want to choose to decorate the Nordic spaces, we have it quite clear. The black and white binomial is the most successful, but if we also want to add colors, we usually prefer pastel colors. The grays help reduce contrast between black and white, and the same happens with other pastel shades, which are smooth and do not saturate spaces. Light yellow, light blue or pink stick are some of the most used tones. It is better to choose a single tone to add to the target or base black, so as not to finally saturate even with the softer colors. It should be remembered that these spaces stand out precisely because of their simplicity.

Stamped with basic lines

Nordic Prints

If we are going to add prints to these spaces, we will surely find motives with basic lines and geometric style prints. Raindrops, spruce with simple shapes, stripes, polka dots and chevron stripes are very common in this type of decoration and allow us to give a fun touch to everything if we have used few colors. These prints can even be mixed if similar tones are used, although we must avoid adding too many to not saturate.

Lots of wood

Simple style

The wood is often the protagonist in the Scandinavian spaces. It is a natural, recyclable material that takes care of nature and is also very durable, so we are talking about quality furniture that we will use for decades. This is the philosophy of the Scandinavian style. This wood is bought in light colors, because the Scandinavian spaces are very luminous.

Natural lighting

Lighting Nordic

The lighting is usually natural , taking advantage of the white color, which helps make everything look brighter, and also the light tones. We can use natural lighting to our advantage so that the spaces look much wider. In Scandinavian spaces there is no darkness, and even using the color black we have to put much white as contrast to give luminosity.

Natural plants and candles

Natural plants

In this stream of the natural, we find some objects that serve to decorate the Nordic spaces. The natural plants are very present, and are usually used the simple green tones. Even they have a simple aesthetic.

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