Keys to decorate the kitchens open to the living room

Kitchen open to living room

Whether you have a small home or a spacious home, the kitchens that open to the living room are a great alternative. Today, there are many homes where they choose not to separate spaces, but to create Open concept areas , Which also gives us the feeling of breadth and allows us to communicate much better between us.

The Kitchens open to the living room Must be decorated in such a way that the environments are clearly distinguishable from each other. That is to say, this is the most difficult part, and it is that we may want continuity or, on the contrary, separate the environments visually, because space will always be open. If it is an option that you like, know that it is also trend and very modern.

Open concept kitchen

small kitchen

One of the kitchens that will benefit most from the Advantages of open concept Are those of small size. Small kitchens usually look too small, so removing walls and adding space is a great idea. In many of today's homes, having no large spaces often opt for these kitchens open to the living room. They allow you to have everything more at hand, to communicate better with the other people who are in the room. In addition, this makes better use of the island's functionality to communicate both spaces.

Kitchen separated by floors

Open kitchen

One of the doubts that arise when we have Kitchens open to the living room Is the way we are going to separate environments. This separation will be visual, using the colors or the elements to create that separation of spaces and that these are delimited. In this case have used two types of floor to define the area of ​​the kitchen and distinguish it from the dining area and the living room. The light wood for the living room and the dark wood for the kitchen. You can also use things much more economical if you have put the floor the same in all space. With a large carpet in the living area we will be separating the area. The island of the kitchen is also often used to separate and at the same time serve as a bridge for both spaces.

Kitchen with original floors

Original floors

To this division of the soils we can add one more component: that the soils are very original. Of course this kitchen is distinguished from the rest with that Vintage floor so typical of black and white rhombuses In front of the more classic light wood of the living room and dining area. A great idea to separate environments at a glance and to put the touch of originality to the kitchen in an open space in which often, by having many elements, we lose each other.

Kitchen separated by the colorful

Colorful kitchen

There are many other ways to distinguish the kitchen area in these Concepts so open . Another we can use is the colors. Use shades in the kitchen that are striking or totally different from other parts of the house. In this room they use warm tones, but without doubt the kitchen takes all the protagonism with a very intense orange colors.

Open and integrated kitchen

Microwave oven

In this kitchen they have opted for Integrate everything with slightly different styles . We find a floor and wood throughout the space, but the kitchen has modern touches, with a light tone and simple lines. Instead in the dining room we see a rustic wooden table matching the floor. In this case they have chosen to give warmth with a wooden floor. In the living room area they have added some color to give a fun touch to everything.

Minimalist style open kitchen

Minimal kitchen

One of the styles that best combines with these spaces is undoubtedly The minimalist style . In this case we see a kitchen with simple lines, with a black kitchen open to a large dining room and living room. It is a very bright concept and the minimalist style makes the space look very modern and elegant at the same time. It is one of the best options if we have a modern kitchen and also if our kitchen is small. Between the open concept, the white color and the basic lines we will get a greater sense of space for cooking.

Kitchen open to the living room with different styles

Open kitchen

In this kitchen we find a peculiar idea, and is that both spaces are Joined by the same tile On the floor, but with a separation in the middle, as a hallway. It is an original idea that visually delimits to perfection each zone, although it is only suitable for the very spacious kitchen that can be allowed a corridor in the middle. In addition, they have opted for different style. A modern kitchen in white on one side and a wooden table in the classic style on the other.

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