Keys to decorate a Nordic salons with style

Scandinavian Salon

He Scandinavian or Nordic style Remains one of the most widespread. It is certainly a trend right now in decoration, and it floods spaces throughout the house. Its simplicity, functionality and design of its furniture and above all the relaxed and bright environments that are usually created have conquered the world. It is certainly a style that is suitable for everyone.

Today we will look at some of the key keys to Decorate Nordic salons with style . Keys that are basic to give to see this style so beautiful and current. Because all styles are defined by specific things, so we give you those keys that will make your salon does not fail with the Scandinavian style.

The light wood

Wood in the living room

The materials sometimes define a style, so let's think about what may be the most significant material of the Nordic style. In this case we mean wood. But the Wood in its lighter shade And with a natural look. Behind are those dark woods and full of varnishes of antique furniture. To achieve the diaphanous spaces typical of this style, wood is needed in light tones, sometimes almost white. It is also a material that can be recycled and is very durable, because the Scandinavian style is also ecological and functional and is oriented towards responsible consumption, even when decorating spaces. Materials that are respectful to the environment and also offer a lot of naturalness to the environment.

The white color

Scandinavian Salon

Another of the essential in the Scandinavian style is the color white. If before Total blank environments We were a bit bored, now it is not so, because in this style white is often the protagonist, but it is not tedious thanks to the mixture of materials, textures and patterns, because it is often used in contrast to black Or gray color. As we see in this room, almost everything is white, but the textures of wood and textiles, or printed cushions are striking. This is undoubtedly the purest Scandinavian style, but colors can also be added. However, in general what you want is to have a sense of luminosity.

The soothing pastel shades

Pastel tones

If we go to Add colorful to the scandinavian world , This is usually in the form of pastel shades, the softer colors of the palette. This does not detract from luminosity to the surroundings, and we still have a lounge with a very relaxing style. The pastel tones also go phenomenal with the wood in its lighter tones, so they form an ideal set.

How can we add pastel shades? In the form of textiles, with a Sofa in light colors And also painting some furniture. One of the trends in the Scandinavian world is to paint only half the legs of the wooden tables.

Simplicity and functionality

Nordic Lounge

The Simple environments Are always linked to this style. In the Nordic world the simplicity in the forms prevails, avoiding the flourishes and the adornments that do not have any functionality. That is why the environment does not usually have too many decorative accessories, and if they have these have simple geometric shapes.

Nordic Hall 1

In the Nordic world we always have to think in a functional way. That is, we are going to choose those furniture that are necessary, tables that are practical and furniture that if possible Fulfill more than one function And be timeless. The furniture is almost always basic and modern, but you can also include vintage furniture, as this trend combines very well with the Scandinavian world.

Scandinavian fireplaces

Scandinavian fireplace

The Scandinavian chimneys Are typical of the Nordic world, and is that they are not seen elsewhere. They are fireplaces that are usually put in a corner of the room and they seem to be very efficient. They have been given to look like the typical chimneys of the Scandinavian world, and for that reason to have one in the hall contributes much to this style. In addition, they are perfect for heating in the winter days and the rest of the time they are a nice decorative element.

Scandinavian textiles

White color

We come to the question of textiles, and is that a decoration is not complete without them. In this case the Scandinavian textiles tend to evoke the coldest areas of Europe, and that is why we find Blankets of hair in gray and white tones . This is perfect for winter, but in the summer we will need a much cooler nordic style. In this case we can opt for textiles with geometric patterns or with simple motifs in black and white, which are typical of the Scandinavian world. Nowadays also the mixtures are carried, so you can combine these prints to give a little grace to the whole room.

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