Keys to arrange your boxes in the corner

Corner frame set

Are you looking for a way to create a Set of photographs and / or pictures Original in your home? Do you need new ideas to draw attention to that corner that you have empty? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, arrange your Corner frames May be the answer you are looking for.

Placing the pictures in a corner is not usually the most usual and yet it is a fantastic tool for To look Of who visits our house for the first time. Also it is to make more attractive a corner, of course. The proposal is interesting, but it seems easy to go crazy with so much picture. The solution? Follow these small steps that we show you below.

Choose the place to arrange the pictures

The end of the corner gallery of paintings is to draw attention to a particular corner. Choose a clear corner Is key for the pictures to look the way they should. They work very well in a reading corner, next to a chair, a table and a floor lamp. But we can also arrange them in the hallway, to break the monotony of it.

Set of frames in corner 1

Choose the series of pictures or photographs

You can create symmetrical layouts with equal-sized squares on one side and another on the corner or bet on one Chaotic and original composition With different number of pictures and formats. Once you have made the decision choose a series of photos that have a certain correlation; Not so much in motives as in colors. Black and white photographs work very well, but so do those that have a color as a common denominator.

Set of frames in corner 2

"Draw"the possible distribution on the wall

If you choose boxes of different sizes, this step is key not to go crazy and hole the wall unnecessarily. Mark and trim the silhouette Of each box on paper and disposed on the wall with some type of adhesive: tape, washi tape... Play with different combinations until you find the right one. This way you will not spoil the wall and you will be able to observe the compositions calmly.

Once you have the clear distribution, you will only have to replace each cut by the corresponding box. Take advantage of the role In the form of an envelope to collect the dust created when drilling; So work less later. Finished the work and you will be able to enjoy your gallery of pictures in corner.

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