Japanese panels to cover windows and separate environments

Japanese Panels

The Japanese panels Represent an alternative to classic curtains. Especially suitable for covering large windows, Japanese panels are a practical and decorative solution; Regulate the entrance of light to the room and bring a modern touch to it.

From Linear and minimalist aesthetics , The panels are composed of several panels that move horizontally across rails, overlapping each other to provide intimacy and / or prevent the passage of light. The Japanese panels also offer numerous possibilities; We can use them as Room separators Or to hide open storage solutions.

The Japanese panels are inspired by the shōji, the classic sliding paper doors with wooden Japanese housing . In order to amalgamate these, the Japanese panels are usually made with rigid textiles and / or have in their lower zone weights that keep the panels straight.

Functions of Japanese panels

The Japanese panels provide us with Infinite possibilities In addition to being a solution to protect the exterior light from the rooms, they are a great alternative to provide privacy. They are a great alternative to cover large windows, create different environments in an open concept space and in general, decorate a minimalist style room.


The Japanese panels are a Alternative to classic curtains When dressing large glazed surfaces. They are an effective solution to regulate the entrance of light to the rooms. Overlapping or separating the panels we can achieve different intensities of light and privacy.

Room dividers

Japanese panels as room separators

In the same way that they are useful for covering large windows, the Japanese panels are also practical to separate different environments inside one. In a Multipurpose room, The Japanese panels provide privacy to different spaces. Visually separating the dining room from the kitchen or the office bedroom are just a few of its utilities.

Hide open storage solutions

Japanese panels as wardrobe doors
Japanese panels are also very useful for hiding open storage solutions. There are many who use them to create a fictional door between the bedroom and the dressing room. We can also find them in living rooms or offices covering Shelves and closets, As you can see in the pictures.

Types of Japanese panels

If you decide on the Japanese panels to style your home, you can choose between one Wide range of fabrics To make the panels, both technical and traditional. You can also choose the opening system, do you want a remote system for convenience or a manual?

According to the material

As we have already mentioned, Japanese panels are often Relatively rigid materials To maintain their position. If not, to cause the fall and keep them straight, a weight in the form of a rod or rod is placed in the lower part of each panel. These bars can also be placed in intermediate positions to distribute the weight evenly and emulate the quadrants of the Japanese doors.

Japanese Panels

The panels can be made in Technical fabrics like screen Or polyscreen and traditional fabrics such as canvas or visile. The translucent fabrics offer intimacy, preventing us from seeing from the outside and blurring the light. The"screen"fabrics, on the other hand, let the light pass but not the heat. They are designed to be regulated in such a way that we can choose the amount of light we let pass and the external visibility. What about opaque tissues? They do not allow light or heat to enter, making them ideal for those rooms where blinds are not available.

As independent panels, we can perform Different combinations Of fabrics on the same Japanese panel. Hence the aesthetic possibilities of them are endless. Besides you can choose between smooth and printed fabrics, elegant and fun...

According to the opening system

The most popular panels are Manual opening L. The opening of these can be carried out in three different ways: to the right, to the left or with central opening to both sides. In addition to these, we will find motorized systems in the market to be activated remotely.

Japanese Panels 1

Motorized systems allow the integration of Japanese panels in the Home automation system. State-of-the-art engines make it possible for your right-hand or left-hand glide to be quiet. This type of panel is implemented for both domestic use, commercial or industrial use due to the high performance it has.

To regulate the entrance of light in large windows, separate rooms in multipurpose rooms or close shelves and cabinets. The Japanese panels can perform different functions in our home, also providing a Modern minimalist aesthetics . The possibilities when design are numerous; We can find Japanese panels made in different materials and with different opening systems. Do you like Japanese panels to decorate your home?

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