Instructions on how to paint a furniture

Instructions on how to paint a furniture

Surely many have in our house some of those furniture that we see that has been outdated, and to which we want to take advantage of renewing its appearance. You do not have to be an expert in To paint a piece of furniture , Since it is a fairly simple process. In the case of painting a piece of furniture, we must take into account the material in which it is made, although the process is similar.

Today we are going to tell you How to paint a piece of furniture , But we will distinguish between wooden furniture, melamine and metal, as they are different materials and have different needs. Of course it is a quick and inexpensive way to give new life to furniture that we have with an outdated and outdated look.

Paint the wooden furniture

Paint a wooden cabinet

This will be the process Do more routinely , As it is in many homes where they want to give a new touch to the antique wooden furniture. These have a nice design but have often been outdated with their dark wood tones and varnishing. So it's a great idea to renovate them with a paint job.

The first thing we should do in this case is Sand thoroughly to remove all traces of varnish That we have or of previous paintings so that the naked wood remains. Then clean thoroughly with a damp cloth to leave no dust remaining on the surface and let dry completely. When it is dry and clean, it is time to add a layer of primer to the piece of furniture. With this layer the wood will be protected and the enamel will last much longer. Leave to dry and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Nowadays there are many paintings that already have incorporated this sealing layer to save us this step and thus to be able to paint directly.

Prior to painting, sand the surface smoothly after The sealant layer . This is when we must apply the paint, and we can do it with a small roller of foam, with pistol or brush. With the brush you notice the brushstrokes and gives a more informal appearance. The rollers are easy to use and have an equal finish, but at the corners we will need small brushes for finishes, and the gun leaves a perfect finish but we may have to practice first to use it.

At the time of Choose the enamels , We can choose the enamels based on water, specific for wood, as there are for metals and walls and the effect would not be the same. Those that have a water base are not toxic and therefore are ideal when we have to paint indoors.

Paint melamine furniture

Paint a melamine cabinet

These melamine furniture came to replace the wooden furniture because Are much cheaper , Although certainly less durable. They are furniture that is made with presses and sheets, and that usually do not last for decades. However, at some point we may want to give a new look to this piece of furniture to adapt it to a new decoration in the home.

The process is very similar to that of wooden furniture, as we must also sand lightly for Exp. Which usually have these furniture, clean and then use a layer of primer to seal and paint to fix. We must use a sandpaper after the primer as well as after every layer of paint we use to make the finish perfect. As with wooden furniture, it will usually be necessary to have two layers of paint to make the color of the furniture look good.

Paint the metal furniture

Paint a metal cabinet

In the case of metal furniture, We must clean first To remove dirt from furniture and dust. If there is chipped paint or imperfections, we will have to sanding lightly to leave the surface smooth. In the paint shop we must choose a paint that is special for metals, since we are not going to serve one that is wood or water-based. Metal paints have substances that do not rust or corrode with water. These paintings are spray-painted and there are many colors. We must protect the space to be applied with the spray, covering the bottom and the floor.

You have to apply one Base paint that makes colors uniform . In this way after this first base we can apply the color that we want and that is well on the surface. This is especially important if we have furniture that is painted in dark tones, because by interfering they can make the final color different. In this case we must apply the base and wait for it to dry. Fine layers of paint should be sprayed moving the container from side to side, at a distance. The container already usually put the time that we must let dry that type of painting.

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