Inspiration on garden paths

Tiled garden paths

Decorate the Outdoor grill Can be quite a challenge if it is a very large space, since there are many possibilities. From plants we must choose fountains, stone decorations, flowerpots and lights should be taken into account. There is an element that helps us to mark spaces by which to walk so as not to spoil the lawn and mark the routes.

These elements are the Garden paths , Which are made with various materials, from tiles to natural stones or gravel. There are many ideas to make those little paths that also give a much more careful look to our garden. Take note of all the inspirations.


If you want a simple solution that looks like it has come naturally, you can Use earth or even sand If we live near the beach. This is perfect for places with dry weather, since if it rains a lot, we will soon lose this sand and we will have to constantly replenish it.

Garden paths with stones

The Stone paths Are a very durable solution, and they are also very elegant and beautiful. It is a very natural material, and if we use stones in various sizes it will look even better, as if they had arisen by themselves in the garden. It is perfect to leave grass in the middle, which also helps to keep them fixed if there is much rain. This is the best choice for places where the weather is rainy, as they will stay intact longer.

Garden paths with gravel

The Gravel or stone paths Small are also a fairly economical and easy to put in the garden option. Obviously, it is also better for dry climates, although it resists a little rain, especially if the gravel is separated by steps or sections. An option that is also very natural and looks very nice and decorative. Which of these paths do you like most for the garden?

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