Industrial style shelving

Industrial style shelving for office

He Industrial style Is a great success in the home, as it has furniture with simple lines and strong materials such as solid wood or iron. That's why the industrial-style shelves are practical pieces that will also have a great durability over time.

The Mix of wood and metals Is perfect, because although the metal is cold, the wood gives you the warmth you need. This is the binomial we find on the vast majority of shelves, and we certainly love it. Discover how furniture organizers are in this industrial style.

These Industrial style shelving made from pipes Are perfect for any space. They occupy little and the elements are very decorative, and the quality wood is very durable and robust, so it will withstand whatever we put it. Even they are perfect for the office, since there is much to organize there.

Industrial metal shelving

The Simpler shelves Are perfect for the living room or even for a bedroom. They also often use pipes or metals for the structure, and wood with an untreated appearance. The dark tones that usually use the furniture of this style should be countered with white backgrounds and accessories in light colors.

Shelves for kitchen in industrial style

Here you have a pair of Ideas for the kitchen , With shelves for storage. Ideas made with pipes and also with strings. The latter is a different material, and is a DIY shelf that everyone can do.

Industrial style coat rack

Although these are not exactly shelves, the truth is that they also serve to create some Ideal shelves . Pipes can be used to make an area in which to dispose of the most used clothes, with a built-in shelf. One way to have the clothes sorted in the bedroom or in the wardrobe.

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