What are the 7 best decoration magazines

woman reading a magazine at home

If you like decoration, you probably want to be informed all the time about the best ideas or the latest trends. In this way you can have your home decorated to the last detail following the advice of the best experts in the sector. Decoration magazines are a great idea if you like to read on paper and for this, it is necessary to know first, which are the best ones on the market today.

So, when you go to your usual kiosk or bookstore you can look at the magazines they have for sale on paper and choose among the best decoration magazines. Next you will find the best decoration magazines that you can find in your store, you will only have to choose the one that best suits you and your interests. There are some exclusive images that you can only find in printed editions.

Although it is true that decoration blogs like this one that you are reading can help you make great decisions about decorating your home without having to pay for having fabulous ideas, it is true that from time to time having a home decoration magazine always It is a good option when you want to find ideas in a printed model. So if you want to be lying in the pool hammock reading the latest trends on decoration, then Do not miss this selection that we offer you from printed decoration magazines.

woman reading curious a magazine

My home

My house has very good content and excellent photographs so you can have an idea imagining how you want to have your home decorated. Although it is a little more expensive than other magazines, it is worth having it to take a look. In this magazine you will find ideas and tricks to get the most out of your home. Further, also offers you great ideas cost.

Ten House

This magazine has excellent writing and you will love the quality of your photos. The content is always great with great practical ideas. The paper magazine is one of the most sold thanks to its great contributions in each of its numbers. This magazine is totally thought for the readers and even these can send images of their houses to be published. Personalized tips are also given to readers' questions. It is a magazine of the most complete that you can find.

The furniture

This magazine is intended for an audience that wants to find exclusive contents with design pieces and images of unusual homes. It is a very active magazine in your social networks. It has many years of experience in the sector and therefore, it has high quality content that you will like to discover, although that yes, it is destined to a public something more specific and with a little understanding in design or who want to learn new decorative perspectives.

woman interested in a magazine

20 houses

This interior magazine will help you find the inspiration you need and your photographs will enchant you in all aspects. It has current solutions for anyone. This magazine has nothing to envy to the rest of decoration magazines and you will love all the tricks that they explain to you in their pages.

Living House

The Casa Viva magazine also has a great quality of content, you will have exclusive reports on trends and current news. It focuses mainly on contemporary national interior design and is always very current. You can subscribe to it or buy the number you currently have in your kiosk. The best part is that every month you can find an exclusive vision in the decorative field.


The magazine Interiors is a magazine of the most elegant with many colors and images that you will love. Usually it bases its theme on the architecture of the north, that is, on the Nordic style with predominance of white color and minimalism. If you like this decorative style then this magazine is for you without hesitation.

woman reading a magazine

New style

The magazine Nuevo Estilo is a magazine full of style that makes reference to architects and interior designers, so among its pages you will find different decorative styles, from the most modern to the most classic. You will have many ideas of furniture, decoration and many exclusive images that you will not find in any online version. It is one of the most popular magazines for sale in Spain, it has been nothing less than 25 years in the sector.

With these 7 ideas of decoration magazines now you have no excuse to go directly to your kiosk or bookstore and know exactly which decoration magazine is better to buy. Look at what your decorative style is or what your concerns are and in this way you will know which magazine is for you. Once you buy it, you can also choose one of the 7 proposals that we tell you next month, in 7 months you will have seen all of them and you can choose one of the 7 for the next purchases. Which one do you prefer?