Two keys to avoid mistakes in decoration


Many times we see in magazines great compositions for interiors or a piece of furniture that is spectacular and without much thought we acquire it but then when we get home we realize one thing or another: it does not fit our decoration or it is too uncomfortable And is not functional at all. If while you read these lines you feel identified, do not worry because everyone has ever happened to us in life. But for you not to happen (or you do not happen more) you must have some aspects in order not to make mistakes in the decoration.

The first advice I will give you is that if you see a piece of furniture that you like a lot, whether it's a sofa, a chair, a coffee table... keep calm and put aside the Impulsivity to buy As this is the main fault / error you will commit. I recommend that you wait 24 hours before saying"I want it"and think with your pillow if it really would look good in your home (do a mental work of visualizing the furniture in your stay), if it is worth it and if it will really give you a service functional.


Another fault that is discussed in interior decoration and which usually occurs not to take into account the explanation in the previous paragraph, is Buy a nice but uncomfortable piece of furniture . This type of furniture looks great in the magazine but when it comes to using it is another story. It happens a lot with the chairs, sofas or armchairs that are the ones that we use directly for our comfort. If you see in the store a nice piece of furniture that would fit great in your living room but when you try it is quite uncomfortable... then better leave it where it is and not buy it.

Have you ever bought anything for your decor Indoor and then you have repented? Tell us and share your experience with us!

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