Proposals to decorate a rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom

The image of that metal basin resting on a fantastic wooden wall, has made me rediscover myself with my taste for rustic. It is precisely the Combination of materials One of the aspects that I like more of this style, that has been renewed with the passage of the years.

What furniture or elements can help us decorate a room Bathroom rustic style ? Stone walls, wooden furniture, Piles of stone ... these are just some of our proposals today in Decoora. Those that will help you decorate your bathroom with the warmth of this style.

The rooms decorated in a rustic style tend to be warm and cozy. In them, the combination of materials such as Stone wood And why not, the metal; Natural elements that bring truth. Now that you know the materials, learn to combine the furniture.

Rustic Bathroom 1

The wooden walls Can be very interesting aesthetically in a mountain house. However, they can also saturate the room if they are not combined with other materials such as metal. Wood yes, but not in excess, if you want to achieve a rustic atmosphere today.

Rustic Bathroom 2

The combination of materials in the cabinet and sink, is one of the keys for the proposals you see in images work. Over a wooden furniture You can place a metal worktop with recessed washbasin, either a stone or copper pile as in the picture.

You can also play with the tub, if it is exempt. Keep in mind that if you choose a modern model, you will have to integrate it in some way. You can do this by placing it on a stone wall Or placing around it small wooden furniture that bring warmth to that porcelain white.

The proposals to give our bathroom a rustic feel, are many, and do not have to be complicated.

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