Lounges with lots of personality

Salon personality

For a room to be Cozy and nice It does not have to follow literally what it indicates in the magazines or to copy like a photograph of a hall that we liked. Although this may be the original idea for a salon to have a personality of its own, it will focus on a main aspect above the decoration and the combination of furniture, colors and accessories... the room will need you to embellish in the decoration aspects That have to do with you , With your personality, with your way of seeing the world and your way of life. Only in this way can you achieve a hall with its own personality.

Although the secret and I just told you next I want to give you Other tips That surely will go very well to you to make that your salon stops being of a model room of magazine and happens to be a hall of magazine yes, but cozy and with own personality. Once you get it you will notice the biggest change on entering, as you will get a great feeling of warmth.

The environment must be Relaxed and relaxed Because only then can you enjoy the guests and the visits of the relatives and for this you will have to pay attention to the decoration. If you follow a particular style you may get an optimal result but it is also likely to be cold, so I advise you to risk the decorations occasionally and include elements that although you think they may be incompatible at first... then They are great and will be part of you.


If you feel the need to mix various styles of decoration you can try to see if you like the results. Do you like the rustic style with the urban? Do you like a picture or Vintage object For a minimalist style? A pop-art box for a room with an industrial style? Try mixing details to see what style you own, but always keep in mind that the details and materials fit.

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