Integrated bathtubs in the bedroom

Integrated bathtubs in the bedroom

Decoration publishers open up a whole world of possibilities. We often present unusual proposals that may or may not be of interest to us when facing a new project. In this group we include integrating the Bathtub in the bedroom . Yes, you have read well.

The world of decoration, like that of fashion, suffers from Constant transformation . A transformation that would not be possible without those who transgress the unwritten norms. Who says that the bathtub should be installed in the bathroom? It is probably the most practical option, but not the only one.

Today it is rare who does not include a bathroom in the Main bedroom If you have the possibility to design your home. It is a feature with much demand also in the new buildings. An already common element that looks for ways to reinvent itself, opening to the room. Following this trend should not be surprised that there are those who"imagine"the tub in the master bedroom.

Integrated bathtubs in bedroom 1

Nothing like taking a hot bath and getting into bed without going more than 10 steps. I suppose it is those who must think who bet to install the bathtub in the bedroom; A proposal on the other hand, Tremendously decorative . Who is not surprised to find a bathtub in a room other than the bathroom?

Integrated bathtubs in bedroom 2

Placing the bathtub in the bedroom, however, is a double-edged sword. A bedroom should be spacious to host this proposal; If we place it with shoehorn, it will give the sensation that we did not know where to put it. On the other hand, one must take great care of the aesthetics of the same, betting for Avant-garde or vintage designs Of quality, that complement the general style of the bedroom.

Another factor to take into account is the Derived moisture Of its use. The integrated bathtubs in a bedroom are designed as a tool to relax after a long day. An extra that will not exempt us from installing a shower in the bathroom for a regular and daily use.

Do you like the idea of ​​having a bathroom in the bedroom? They are very attractive, but it does not quite convince me at all. Cost and practicality.

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