Ikea divans: versatile furniture

Ikea couches

When we have a scarce budget to furnish the home, we always look for options that have a great functionality. Sometimes we find pieces that have several uses, so they are perfect. With the Divans of Ikea You will have a piece of furniture with several functions, and you will occupy less space, so it will also be useful if your apartment or house is not very spacious.

The Ikea divans have a Contemporary style , And are easy to include in almost any decor. In addition, the Swedish firm offers several alternatives, so that you choose the most suitable for your home. And best of all is that they serve as extra bed or bench, or both at once.

The best known divan of Ikea is the Model Hemnes , Which has 3 storage drawers on the bottom. This also helps to take advantage of the space occupied by the furniture. It has a price of 299 €, and measures of 80 × 200 cm. Putting the right cushions, serves as a bench-chair during the day, and bed at night, making it the best alternative for a youth or guest room.

Ikea Lounge Chairs 1

Another model that we love is the forging , Svelvik, which is much more romantic. This couch has a vintage style, and is priced at € 229. It has the same measures as the Hemnes, although its aesthetic is much more elegant and original.

Ikea 2 couches

Other models very similar to the Hemnes, are the Bygland and the Brimnes. The first has larger measures, with 210 × 90 cm, and costs € 349, with a Canapé storage , With more capacity although a little less practical than the drawers. Brimnes only has two drawers, and costs € 199. All these models are blank, with a simple style and basic shapes, to combine with all kinds of accessories.

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