Ideas to separate the living room from the dining room

Glassware to separate living room and dining room

Trends invite us to Bet on open spaces At home, to remove visual barriers between kitchen, living room and dining room. Doing so probably has more advantages than drawbacks, and yet, in a culture like ours, it is not the norm.

An intermediate proposal between the two options is to Glass wall Which open spaces visually, but isolates them from noise and smell. It is an especially interesting option on both small and large floors with a very open layout. We analyze the pros and cons for you.


  1. We create a Physical separation but not visual . We can continue to"participate"and be aware of what is happening in the adjoining room.
  2. We prevent noise and odors from traveling from one room to another; Especially important when we cook.
  3. They have a Clean installation . You will not need to get into great works to achieve it.
  4. Let the light go From one space to another. A very important feature in spaces with few or poorly distributed outbreaks of natural light.
  5. They are Very decorative And imposes no aesthetic limitation on us; Are easily integrated into spaces of different styles.

Glassware to separate living room and dining room 1


  1. Rest of privacy ; Visually the spaces are always communicated.
  2. Cleaning. It is not comfortable to clean them And the dirt builds up quickly, especially if the wall gives access to the kitchen.

Glassware to separate living room and dining room 2

The glass walls are especially interesting as a separator in common spaces, since Visually enlarge the room And allow the passage of light. They allow us to continue being participants of what happens in the other room and isolate it at the same time of noises and odors when we want. And all this we achieved through a clean installation and not too expensive economically.

Do you like the idea of Separate spaces in this way? I find it especially elegant and of course, luminous.

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