Ideas for decorating the room with puffs

Lounge with puffs

The puffs are a resource to take into account when decorating the room. They do not occupy much space and are very practical, being able to attribute different uses to them. Serve as Side table and footrest , But also as an occasional seat when unexpected guests arrive.

The puffs give our salon a Modern and informal air very interesting. We can find them elaborated in leather, cottons, synthetic fibers and even crochet; A wide variety that facilitates the task of adapting them to our living room, whether it is rustic, traditional or contemporary.

The puffs serve a double function. They are a Ideal decorative complement And at the same time, very practical. The small ones can be used as an auxiliary table, footrest or seat and after their use stacked and collected under a coffee table so that they do not obstruct.

Lounge with puffs 1

They are really Practical when there are children At home, since they are fun and at the same time useful as an occasional seat, which child can stop for more than 5 minutes sitting? Also in small living rooms are a good resource for seating (young) guests for meals and informal dinners.

Lounge with puffs 2

If you look at the second image, you will discover a new use for this complement or accessory. With a slightly larger size, the Padded puff It becomes a great and elegant tea table. Surrounded by sofas and modern-looking benches is one of the proposals that has surprised me the most.

Lounge with puffs

The Crochet puffs Are perfect both in rustic environments as in modern and young apartments. The leather ones look more elegant and traditional, while the printed textiles are a good way to introduce a point of color and risk in any living room. Will you be encouraged to decorate your living room with puffs?

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