How to choose tiles for small bathrooms

Choose the tiles for the bathroom It is one of the most important parts in its decoration. The tiles are very functional, easy to clean, durable and also offer us a large cast of designs inspired by the latest trends. That is why there are many ideas for choosing tiles for small bathrooms.

In the small bathrooms always have to look at everything that helps us create a larger space. In the case of tiles, the only limitation will be the use of a color that reduces excess luminosity. But there are ways to use patterns and strong colors even in this type of bathroom.

White tiles

If we have to have a clear premise when we talk about small spaces is that the luminosity is fundamental to make them much wider. The white color is almost always the most used to give the feeling of space in small areas, but we can use light colors like yellow or pastel colors. As we can see, in this case they have used white throughout the bathroom, with subway tiles, furniture and toilets in this tone. They have only put small touches of black on the floor and the bathtub. The plants give warmth and the mirror increases the light.

Vintage tiles

The white tiles that were once outdated have returned with strength thanks to the vintage trend . If you're going to put one of those old freestanding bathtubs, you should include the great white tiles of a lifetime, which are now called subway tiles. A bathtub is not usually the best solution for small bathrooms, but these tiles also combine with small bathrooms where toilets are super simple. As we say, in this case the choice of the target will always be successful.

Touches of stamped tiles

Some people do not want a totally white bathroom because it will seem boring, but there are many other formulas for these small bathrooms. Stamped tiles can be the solution. In this case we refer to the hydraulic tiles but there are many others. These prints can saturate, so the perfect solution is to only include it in a wall or a part of the bathroom, so that we do not get tired of them in a short time. This is even more important in small bathrooms, where the feeling of lack of space can be aggravated with these tiles.

Original tiles

For those who want a special touch in the bathroom, there is very original tiles . We already talk about the tiles that imitate the scales, which are also shown in various colors, creating a really beautiful wall. Geometric prints can be a good solution for walls and also for floors. In the case of tiles we can use the imagination to have a bathroom that is different.

Tiles with shine for small bathrooms

If we are facing a bathroom that has low light or a single window, the ideal is to use surfaces that reflect that light . We can achieve this with tiles that have a gloss finish. They are very modern and sophisticated, although they can also become saturated if used excessively. The ideal is to use them in a delimited area that can reflect light.

Colorful tiles

We should never give up the color if it is what we like. While it is true that in a small space the color can become too much for the senses, we can always distribute it our way. In small touches of color with tiles of basic colors and others in intense tones, or in small tiles located in a bathroom area. So we do not have to give up the funny touch that color always brings us in our lives.

Tiles in dark tones

The general dark colors for small bathrooms or any small space. However, if they look really nice to us and we want to incorporate them we should make sure they do not get in the bathroom. With one wall is enough and we must also think about adding good light in the bathroom, so that it is not dreary or too dark. It is a risky idea although it can be done. Of course the bathroom will not look more spacious, but it will be very stylish.

Tiles for the floor

If with the tiles on the walls we think that space is going to saturate us, we can always resort to the trick of put the pattern or the color on the floor . It is possible to leave the walls with the beautiful white subway tiles, those that are so worn and that bring great luminosity. For the floors there are also tiles that reflect the light in dark tones and also in bright colors, with or without prints. In the floors it is easier to play with the colors because they do not saturate as much as the walls.