Decorate your home with slate paint

Slate painting

Maybe you are the people who like to leave notes around the house because you have a forgetful memory and if not, you do not remember half of things, or maybe you like to write love notes to your partner, or write down a recipe from Cook in any place to cook it soon, or many times you do not have paper and pen by hand and you forget what you wanted to remember... the options are so many and so varied! And is that the best option for your memory is not resent or to capture all your creativity in your home is as simple as decorating with slate paint.

That's right, slate painting is a resource that can go great on your kitchen And / or in the children's room (Who are sure to give it an exceptional use). You can paint an entire wall or maybe just a piece... paint with this painting as much wall as you think you will use to point, write or draw... but think that making space small for this painting is not a good idea... because once you start Draw with the chalk in your hand you will not want to stop.


You must first find this Special paint slate Which is specially made so that when it dries can be written and erased as if it were a school blackboard, and that you can also use it for a long time and not wear. To make your slate painting look great, you'll have to pick a wall and paint it without fear.

Try to make the wall you choose to decorate with your slate paint is practical and you will give it the right use in your home, that is to say that it is easy to write everything you need in it. Once it has dried... you will only get chalks and a rough draft!

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