Classic gold mirrors here and there

Salons with gold mirrors

Wherever you place one of these Classic style gold mirrors , All eyes will be directed. There are elements that have that power, that of turning into a strategic point that or that place in which they settle. It happens with mirrors of large dimensions, especially if they are as striking as those shown in images.

Large gold mirrors are able to"fill"a wall by themselves. They are also very useful if you want to draw attention to a specific point either in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Carving results Elegant and sophisticated , Perfect for printing sophistication in the environment.

The gold mirrors have a Great decorative strength . Larger when larger dimensions and more worked its design. The classic style; Those that we find on the fireplaces of elegant salons or the chest of drawers in a wide hall are the ones chosen to illustrate our pages today.

Bathroom and living room with gold mirrors

One of the most common places to place one of these mirrors is the living room. A classic lounge with high ceilings, Moldings plaster and fireplace , Is a great stage for this type of mirrors. You can bet on a classic decoration in its entirety or break the general style using modern or rustic furniture.

Dressing room and hall with gilded mirrors

It is also frequent to find them decorating Wide receivers Or passing areas. Usually placed on a wooden chest, well hung well supported on it, and completes the set with some seats. These can be upholstered in classic or vintage style or design, contemporary style.

Salons with gold mirrors

Dressing rooms are one of those places where we can afford to place a large Gold mirror standing . Less frequent is to find one in a bathroom but there are also and try the photo. Do not tell me it's not a bathroom to fall in love with its black floors, its fireplace and its high ceilings.

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