Brico Depot kitchens improve your home

Brico Depot Kitchens

Brico Depot is a company in which thousands of individuals and professionals trust every day to carry out their home improvement projects , thanks to a policy that combines low prices, quality and immediate availability. Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen totally or partially?

Brico Depot plus a wide catalog of products for decorate your kitchen, offers you simple and effective services to take your project forward. With their custom kitchen plan service, they help you create the perfect kitchen for your space, taking into account the distribution of it and your needs, both practical and economic.

Choose a good distribution

Would you like to give your kitchen a new look? Start by studying the possibilities that space has to take advantage of each corner. You do not have to do it alone, Brico Depot offers you some recommendations so you can get a space fully functional and comfortable.

Types of distribution

Does your kitchen have more than 20m2 or less? Is it closed or open to other spaces? Is it possible to install L-shaped furniture on it? If you know how to answer these three questions, you will know choose the best distribution for your kitchen based on the recommendations that the company offers.

Types of distribution

  • U-shaped kitchen: Ideal for large surfaces and open kitchens.
  • Kitchen with island: Recommended for kitchens of more than 20 m2.
  • L-shaped kitchen: Perfect for kitchens less than 20 m 2 . A table for eating can also be placed 90 centimeters away from the longer countertop.
  • Kitchen in parallel: Indicated for surfaces between 10 m2 and 15 m2.
  • Linear kitchen: Very comfortable in small or open kitchens.

Respect the distances

Kitchens Brico Depot recommends us reduce the distances between the hob, sinks and fridge to get more comfort. So, when you have to cook you will avoid having to move from one side of the room to another to wash dishes, control the cooking of food or take the necessary ingredients from the fridge.

Brico Depot Kitchens

When placing the cooking plate, make sure there is a space of 50 cm on each side to separate it from the rest of the appliances and at a minimum of 80 cm away from the sink For security. Place the dishwasher near the sink, so when you remove the thickest dirt in the sink, you will not drip the floor and you will save time.

Other important distances to respect are the 65 cm between the bell and the plate of cooking so that they suck and evacuate well the fumes. As well as the minimum height between the countertop and the upper furniture, 50 cm. so that you find it comfortable to cook.

Brico Depot Kitchens

At Brico Depot you will find kitchen kits that will be quick and easy to assemble and from which you can shape your kitchen, but also modular systems that will give you greater freedom to create the kitchen of your dreams . You can complete the kitchen with one of the many countertops and practical accessories in the catalog.

Kitchen in Kit Noa

The kitchen"Noa"is available in white and oak. It is a kitchen of two meters with a great advantage: it is Quick and easy to install. Each of its modules is composed of a helmet, door, countertop, base and hinges. From standardized measures, they offer the ideal solution to obtain a fully functional kitchen quickly, easily and at the best price.

Kitchen Kit Noa Brico Depot

  • Bottom part composition: 1 cabinet under a two-door sink (80 cm), 1 under cabinet for oven (60 cm) and 1 under cabinet for one door (60 cm).
  • Upper part composition: 1 tall cabinet with two doors (80cm), 1 cabinet with one door overcampana (60cm), and 1 tall one-door cabinet (60cm).
  • The thickness of the countertop is 25 mm.

This type of kitchen can complete with other modules both superior and inferior belonging to the range of kitchens in kit to achieve your desired kitchen.

Modular kitchens

With modular kitchen models from Brico Depot, you will not find it difficult to create the kitchen of your dreams. You can choose between its 4 models, more than 14 colors and 830 possible combinations. Modular kitchens offer the ease of power create your custom kitchen, selecting the modules and the type of distribution that best suit your space

Modular kitchens Brico Depot

Urban, City, Luxury and Rustic are the 4 kitchen models available in the catalog. Urban, with doors and textured fronts is ideal for modern and minimalist kitchens . In the same type of kitchens could fit the Luxury kitchens, with doors and fronts of drawer in high brightness to provide a bold point to the space.

Modular kitchens Brico Depot 1

Like the previous ones, City presents doors and fronts in particle board coated with melamine. However, this model is committed to a more traditional aesthetics , easy to adapt to any type of space. The latest proposal from Brico Depot is Rustic, a model with PVC drawer fronts and doors with beautiful rounded frames.

All modular kitchens are available in different colors and equipped with hinges with slow and silent closing. The drawers also feature progressive closure for greater comfort. The furniture is guaranteed for 25 years and as the Noa kit are manufactured in Spain with certified wood from sustainable forests.

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