Ikea stools, a world of possibilities

Few pieces of furniture are as versatile as the stools. These are able to adapt to any space both inside and outside, providing us with extra space for accommodate our family and our guests. An especially useful feature in small rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or balconies.

The Ikea stools They occupy little space and can adapt to any type of existing decoration. We can find them with designs and very varied shapes, made in different materials and available in a wide range of colors. No matter where, or when, there is a stool for every occasion!

The stool is a piece of furniture capable of adapting to any place. Its popularity has grown in recent years, probably because of little space they occupy and how easy it is to pick them up when they are not used. When you want to be able to sit a large number of people in a small space, they become the best alternative.

From e l classic wooden stool with round or square seat, even the most modern made of plastic materials and bright colors. Ikea stools take different forms; even the RAE presents different meanings for this small furniture but with multiple functions in our homes:

1. m. Seat without arms or backrest, for one person.
2. m. Chair with very narrow backrest, covered with cow leather, velvet, etc.
3. m. Footstool to support the feet or for another use.

Ikea low stools

"With the help of stools, stools and benches, your guests will not have to fight to get a place in your living room or dining room."Ikea is right, the stools are a great option for when we need extra seats . Most Ikea stools are also stackable; You can store them in a closet and take them out only when you need them.

In the classrooms they become great allies when we have a visit or celebrate meetings, saving a lot of space in terms of what the same number of chairs would occupy. Many of them also have a adjustable height so you can also use them to incorporate a diner to the table. In the kitchen or in the living room, they can also be useful to place magazines, as if it were an auxiliary maid.

In addition to the living room, dining room or kitchen, the stools are very useful in other rooms of the house. In the hall, A stool can become a place to leave accessories such as scarves, hats or bags ready in a moment to carry. Also as a bench to put on shoes and take off when leaving and return home.

Stools are also common in the bathroom. They are very useful to dry and put creams on the legs after the shower or to cut our nails. Likewise, they are a great help for older people or with some physical difficulty as a point of support.

And also for children; many stools serve as a step so that they and we can reach that which, by height, we do not reach. Ikea includes in its catalog, in this sense, stools of one and two rungs , as you can see in the images.

Stools for children

The stools that are presented in bright colors can also be a fun and practical complement to decorate rooms or children's play areas . Utter and Manmut are Ikea stools specially designed for children in yellow and orange tones with a matching table to spend the funniest moments you can imagine.

Ikea high stools

The open spaces every day take on a greater role in our homes and the breakfast bars and the cooking islands become indispensable elements to separate environments. With the high stools of Ikea you can take advantage of the available space around these elements in a practical and affordable way.

The high stools of Ikea they are light so you can move them and versatile enough to be able to use them in different rooms. You will find in the catalog from simple stackable designs in wood; the most suitable for stays in Scandinavian or rustic style. But also plastic stools that mimic industrial-style classics.

If you are looking for modern stools you will also find them. With steel legs and upholstery Polycarbonate plastic will provide maximum comfort. If you are going to use them for breakfast or lunch, the padded surface and the ergonomic shapes of them will be very attractive. And you will also appreciate that they have a backrest on which to rest your back.

If on the contrary you are going to use them on specific occasions or it is important for you to be able to withdraw them at other times, the folding stools They will become your best choice. Being foldable, they take up less space when you do not use them. What style of stools are you going to choose? Do you have that clear yet?

Ikea provides us with a wide variety of stools, both low and high. Versatile stools that adapt to different styles and with which you can decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom, study or hall in an affordable way. From € 5 from the Utter stool for children up to € 69.99 of high design Ingolf made of solid wood you will find many proposals. Take a look at its catalog!