Ikea species, a world of possibilities

We know that Ikea provides us with the most practical furniture , and that hundreds of ideas also arise with these furniture. Despite having a simple design, they give us all kinds of ideas for the home, with the emerged Ikea hacks. What we are talking about today is from the Ikea grocer, a small piece of furniture that has given a lot to talk about.

The great Ikea's grocer is a simple piece , which is also super easy to assemble at home in a few steps, so it has become one of those essential pieces if we are going to buy from the Swedish store, as is the case with the popular and cheap Lack table. We are talking about the Bekväm grocer, of which you have probably already seen photos with their hacks.

The Ikea grocer that conspired the whole world

A Simple and suitable grocer for any home that only worth four euros had to be a success. But the Bekväm grocer has not only been a success for being a good grocer, but because many people have seen other uses in this small piece of wood. We have seen it painted in a thousand ways, in two colors, with stripes, pastel colors and bright colors. The spreader adapts to everything, but it is also a piece that is easily assembled, since it has four pieces, and that works for any wall. The use we give is our thing. From a place to put some photographs of the family to a shelf for the home office, a display of small dolls or nail lacquers, and even a bookstore for the little ones. What else do you think of doing with Ikea's most popular grocer?

A grocer that is a bookshelf

Yes, a grocer It is essentially a shelf to have the spices ordered and by hand in the kitchen. It is small and not too wide, so it does not take much either. It has a small bar so that nothing falls, so it actually offers us a lot of possibilities like a bookshelf. We can put it next to the headboard of the bed, because that's where we put our books, those that we take before going to sleep. In the bathroom it can be useful to have the creams and some cosmetics at hand. The bookshelf of the office has the most important documents, or also an inspiring picture supported on it. Children can put those little dolls on the shelf to keep them company. And we could continue like this almost to infinity, because there is not a room in the home where this grocer does not look good.

Bekväm for the nursery

It is the children's room where this grocer has achieved more decorative successes. And is that mothers have seen in this small piece of furniture the ideal bookshelf to encourage the habit of reading In the kids. Until now we kept their books on shelves where we could only see the back of the books, but with this grocer comes the revolution, and that is that they are bookshelves that allow the books to be displayed on their covers, so that they are much more attractive to the children. We can put the furniture at a height that is comfortable for the child, so that they have a nice reading corner. In addition, as the grocer comes in simple wood tone, we can always paint it to match the rest of the decoration of the nursery.

The grocer who has a thousand uses

Although as a children's bookstore it has sold a lot, Bekväm has many other interesting uses. Some people use it to order jewelery or paintbrushes, who have it to put pictures or decorative plates and those who use it for other purposes, such as serve as an exhibitor for small things . Some have even used it as a cooking spice, leaving aside their creative vein. We can even turn it around and have a new shelf. To put things on top and with a bar that serves to hang necklaces or other things. Because this grocer is also worth as a piece of furniture for the entrance.

Other products by Ikea

There are other specialists to organize the kitchen in Ikea, as the glass of the Rajtan series . However, these may not give us as many ideas as the Bekväm, which is already one of those iconic pieces of the firm. The next time you go to Ikea, you will surely stop to look for this so mythical grocer, because in one way or another, it is a small auxiliary piece of furniture that we can take advantage of at home. Also the new canisters of crystal chandeliers can be ideal to organize many other things, from rings to tools.