Ikea parasols protect yourself from the sun!

Have a area protected from the sun In the garden or terrace is basic to deal with the next heat waves. But not all outdoor areas are the same, neither in size nor in design, hence in Ikea you can find a large assortment of umbrellas with which to cover different needs.

During this time of year we all like to take advantage of our outdoor spaces. Something that is not possible if we do not create a generous shadow area in which to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun and excess heat. An urban oasis in which to enjoy the pleasures of summer.

When the sun shines brightly, there are times of the day when a little shadow is essential to cope with the day. It is in those moments when Ikea sunshades they become a great ally in balconies, terraces, gardens and patios. Avoid the sun during the meal or be able to rest between sun and shade are sufficient reasons to install one.

Beyond creating a pleasant shade on the outside, the umbrellas also become part of the decoration of the garden. When choosing a specific design we will look, therefore, not only in its practical characteristics but in its design and style.

Features to consider when buying an umbrella

  • Does the fabric offer protection against UV rays ? Many of Ikea's umbrellas have a protection factor of 25+ or 50+ against ultraviolet rays (UPF), which means that they block 96% and 98% respectively of ultraviolet radiation.
  • It can guide with ease ? Ideally, choose umbrellas that can be easily tilted or oriented to create shade in different areas and be protected from the sun throughout the day.
  • Does it repel water? There are fabrics that repel water and allow you to relax under the umbrella in case of light and passing rain.
  • Is it easy to clean? There are umbrellas that allow the fabric to be removed and machine washed.
  • Does it open and close easily? There are different systems to open and close umbrellas: the eyelash system, which, like that of an umbrella, automatically blocks the umbrella once it has been opened; and the one of crank, that allows to stick and unfold the umbrella without efforts
  • Structure materials: Aluminum extrusions are lightweight and do not rust. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is one of the most popular materials.
  • Weight and materials of the base . A good foundation is key to the stability of the umbrella. Ikea provides plastic bases of polypropylene stabilized against ultraviolet rays to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without losing color and reinforced concrete.

Ikea parasols

To create shadow areas in small spaces such as balconies or small terraces Ikea offers umbrellas: Flisö, for its ability to be placed against a wall or the railing of a terrace (€ 19.99) and Samsö, with a traditional adjustable and tilting design (€ 29.99).

For larger spaces , however, designs like Karlsö, made with water-repellent fabric and with a valve to reduce wind pressure and allow hot air circulation (€ 69), or Seglarö, pendant, tilting and with excellent protection against UV rays (€ 159).

Bases for Ikea umbrella

Ikea includes up to 5 parasol bases in its catalog. Each of them has its own characteristics and can be combined with certain umbrella models. The ease of moving it from one place to another is, without a doubt, something that we must value when choosing between one and the other.

Fiskö is a simple base (€ 10), prepared for Fill with sand or water that combines with the Ramsö umbrella. Like the previous one, they are manufactured mainly in polypropylene plastic Grytö (€ 30) and Svartö (€ 40). The first is a circular base that must be filled with 35 kg of sand. The second, a base whose structure is divided into 4 parts that are hooked together to facilitate transport. Both, combine with a good part of the catalog umbrellas and last a long time in perfect condition, since it is stabilized against ultraviolet rays to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without losing color.

Bramsön and Lökö have a reinforced concrete structure and pigmented acrylic varnish. The first one is simpler and combines only with the Flisö umbrella, while the second, has handles to move it more comfortably and combines with most of the umbrellas in the catalog.

Maintenance of Ikea umbrellas

For the umbrella to last for many years, Ikea advises us to dust it with a brush or vacuum cleaner and clean it with a mixture of warm water and neutral soap. In addition, he warns us that the best way to extend the life of the umbrella is to clean it regularly, protect it with a cover when it is not used and keep it in a cool place and dry when the good weather is over.

As you can see, Ikea provides us with a wide range of umbrellas and bases that adapt to different needs, both space and economic. Do you already have your shadow space prepared?