Ikea organizes your kitchen (II)

Ikea Droppar Boats

As there is a Heap of ideas in Ikea To organize the kitchen, we had to divide the post into two parts, since there were many things to assimilate at one time. If you have already taken note of the shelves, the wall organizers and the extensive Variera collection, now you have to discover a little more of this collection.

Here we are not only talking about having everything organized, but also that the organization helps us Make more use of the resources we have . That is, not to throw food because we did not know it was there, or to keep food in good condition, and especially to recycle to help the environment.

Ikea kitchen trolleys

Shopping Cart Stenstorp by Ikea

At the Ikea firm there is a large collection of kitchen carts. These practical auxiliary furniture that both serve as a worktop to put the coffee maker, save the fruit or even some utensils. Be that as it may, they are pieces that help us to have everything more at hand. We start with a classic design that combines in any kitchen, the Wood Stenstorp .

Kitchen carts from Ikea

Cart Risatorp by Ikea

One of the classics of the Swedish firm is the Raskog model , That cool vintage trolley. But you also have the most industrial steel model from Grundtal. Finally, you have the model Risatorp, which is perfect to make fruit.

Save food

Ikea in the kitchen with hermetic boats

This is where we can even save money with the Ikea organization. We offer hermetic boats in many models, such as Transparent glass Förtlig , Ideal for heating food in them, or the cheapest Ikea 365.

Ikea Korken Boats

You also have ideas for drawers, like the droppar cans with transparent lid with which we present this post, or the Tillsluta With different capacities.

Recycle in the kitchen

Recycling in Ikea

Recycling is also important for Ikea, so we bring the Filur cubes , Easy to clean and resistant. You also have the small plastic Pluggis white plastic cubes to have everything separated.

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