Ikea organizes your kitchen (I)

Ikea organizes the kitchen

In your kitchen reigns the absolute chaos? Well do not worry, because Ikea comes to the rescue with great ideas for Solve clutter problems And lack of space in the kitchen. Surely you have already seen your new announcement, and you will have thought about the practices that result in your ideas, which would make you take much better advantage of the kitchen.

Well let's see what all these are Great ideas to organize everything And have a kitchen that is functional, but also pleasant when it comes to cooking or being in it. Because with these ideas chaos will no longer reign, and it is an advantage to work and live in a space, especially if it is reduced.

Organization Variera

Ikea Cubertero Variera

The Variera collection Has many different ideas for organizing things inside the drawers. It has all happened to us that we have put everything in a drawer without order, and then we are looking for things. Even if you know which drawer they are in, there may also be order in them. Cutlery is essential to not lose the cutlery or have to go selecting it and looking for each piece.

Ikea organizes the kitchen with the box Variera

They also have a Collection of boxes with handles Which can be easily removed, to have the food tidy inside the drawers, preventing them from staining if something opens. On the other hand, there are wooden boxes with handles, ideal for having seasonings and spices. They also have additional shelves to organize everything inside the shelves.

Wall organizers Ikea

Ikea grundtal organizer Ikea organizer rimforsa

Having everything organized on the wall is a great thing as it leaves Space for work . The Grundtal organizers are very functional, but we also find them in other styles, such as the classic Rimforsa wood collection. The Fintorp organizers have a very practical and simple industrial style.

Shelves for kitchen

Ikea kitchen shelves

Nail Shelves for organizing All food and utensils are always necessary. Omar is a model that is mounted without tools, with adjustable shelves. If you want to make a design according to your needs, you have the Ivar shelf in black tones.

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