Ikea Kallax shelf, a very versatile piece of furniture

Kallax shelving

The Ikea Kallax bookshelf has become one of the best-selling furniture of the Swedish firm, because it is one of those pieces so simple and basic that it is almost impossible for us to live without it. The Kallax shelving is of simple shapes and open and square spaces, which can be customized with the many accessories found in the store.

With these shelves it is usual to see many different models and ideas, since each person personalizes it according to their needs. In the Kallax bookshelf you can add baskets, drawers and dividers to get even more out of it, and you also have it in various shades, from intense yellow to black or white.

Kallax shelf in the bedroom

Shelves for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the places where we can use our new Kallax bookcase. It's a perfect bedside table in its smallest version and without legs. In its openings we can put baskets, books or photos, there is room for everything. There is also someone who uses it as a storage unit that also serves as an improvised dressing table with a mirror on top.

Room separator

Environments on shelves

These shelves are really versatile and Ikea can also find some details and accessories to make them even more useful. There are boxes and baskets that adapt perfectly to the shelf space, to store things better. The higher shelves can be a good way to separate environments at the same time that we have a versatile and practical furniture to store things. From creating a reading corner to an office separated from the rest by the bookshelf.

Simple Ikea Hack

Ikea Hacks

These shelves can be customized to suit each person with what is known as The Ikea Hacks . Some people use tools and details to create a different shelf. This for example has doors in which they have added some fun leather handles that give it a lot of personality. You can also paint it or add wallpaper for furniture.

Kallax shelf in the hall

Kallax shelving

The versatility of the shelf allows us to put it almost anywhere, so it's a great idea for the hall . In this area we can add the small or the large, according to our needs. It is perfect for leaving footwear, small details or store some things. As there are several sizes of shelving and modules can be added, we have a piece of furniture that adapts to everything, even to the small holes under the stairs. We also have the version on the floor and those that have legs or wheels, so they have a little more height.

Bar furniture

Bar furniture

This is a very different idea, but if you want to have a bar furniture in your home for when visiting friends come, you do not need special things. The Kallax bookshelf is perfect for this, because when opened we have everything at hand and we can divide things into spaces. This is a different use that shows us how useful a simple design shelf can be.

TV cabinet

Television furniture

If you do not want to spend a lot on a complex TV cabinet, you can always get this bookshelf. There is a longer version and also serves the smallest , for small rooms. In the furniture we have space to store some things and if we do not want them to be seen we can choose the versions with baskets or with drawers.

Shelving for the reading area

Shelves for books

These beautiful Kallax shelves are perfect for reading area in the home . You can have the books at hand and well ordered and we can use both the tall ones, for a large reading area, and the small ones, to put only a small corner with our favorite books. Obliged is the comfortable sofa near the shelves.

Kallax shelf in the nursery

Shelves for children's rooms

These are ideal pieces for children's rooms for many reasons. We have a shelf that adapts to all its stages, completely open so that children have access to some things on the lower shelves. For adults it is the perfect bookshelf to order your toys, books or even your shoes. And when they grow up they can use it for the study books. In the game room, the lowest shelves are usually placed with baskets or storage boxes inside, because that way they can easily store the toys and when they are at a low level, they can do so, so that they get used to ordering their things.

Doll's House

Kallax dollhouses

We finished with a great idea in an Ikea hack which has become a great idea for children's rooms. It is about using the Kallax bookcase to create a great doll house with all its rooms. As easy as adding wallpaper in the background to distinguish the rooms and put the furniture and characters.