Ikea greenhouses

ikea greenhouse socker

When we talk about the greenhouses of Ikea we are not referring to large greenhouses to put in the yard and be able to plant all your seasonal vegetables. Not much less. The greenhouses of Ikea are small greenhouses to put anywhere in your home where you can put small plants inside that need their use.

The greenhouses of Ikea are small, elegant and sophisticated. They will help you to have your home well decorated and also, your plants can grow and be perfectly cared for and protected from the dust inside. There are those who use these greenhouses also to put plastic plants to prevent dirt from getting dirty. But the way to use them in your home, you decide it!

Practical and cheap

The Ikea greenhouses, because they are small in size, are not expensive and you can put them anywhere. In this sense, an Ikea greenhouse is within reach of the pocket of anyone who wants to have them in the decoration of your home.

They have a characteristic design that allows them to fit with any decorative style you have in your home. The color is white because white fits everything, and having crystals you can see inside what you want to put either real or artificial plants, or other decorative elements that you prefer.

Ikea greenhouse in store

But what types of greenhouses exist?

In Ikea there are two types of greenhouses that it is a good idea that you know so that you can choose the one you like most. Once you know them you will only have to go to the center of Ikea that you have closest to your home and so you can buy the one you like or both... Or look it on your website and buy it to be sent home or go to pick it up directly at the store. You decide how you want to buy them!

The greenhouses of Ikea are ideal to have both inside your home and if you want to place them in the upper part. This will already depend on the use you want to give it and where you want to place it. Your home is unique and your decisions will depend on what you want to achieve with the Ikea greenhouses!

Greenhouse SOCKER

According to Sarah Fager (the designer of this greenhouse), to create the SOCKER collection she was inspired by the old milk cans, those that can still be found on the regional roads of Sweden. It has galvanized steel that allows the products to continue new even if they are years old and used every day.

Most of the items in this collection are stackable, so they are much more comfortable for those who buy it, Whether you want to transport them or save them comfortably saving space. For this reason it is a practical and decorative collection to enjoy an ecological home. You can choose a single greenhouse or buy the amount you consider appropriate to create a beautiful decorative composition in your home.

This greenhouse is ideal to promote a good climate for seed growth. Cleaning it is very simple because you only have to do it with a damp cloth. The frame is made of steel and has a polyester powder coating. The plastic is made of polystyrene. It has a price of 14'99 euros per unit.

socker greenhouse

IKEA PS 2014

According to its designer Nicolas Cortolezzis, Swiss and creative was inspired by the traditional houses of his country because they symbolize the simplicity, peace and harmony that we all need to be happy. I also wanted to link design with nature. The greenhouse is a portable mini-plant for plants although inside you can place what you prefer and believe that it will look good decoratively. You can place it on the balcony or next to a window, on a table or hang it on the wall. It is open on one side and closed on the other. If it is cold, turn it with your face open towards the wall. When the heat arrives, place the open face outwards. This greenhouse is best to use only inside your home.

It is a versatile greenhouse because you can hang it on the wall or leave it on a flat surface. You can create a good environment for the growth of seeds and your plants. Although it is also indicated for exteriors, due to its characteristics it is better for the interior, although with good maintenance there will be no problem in the exterior. To clean it you only need a damp cloth. It has a price of 29.99 euros per unit.

ikea greenhouse decoration with plants

From now on you have no excuse, the time has come for you to add a greenhouse to the decoration of your home, as you have seen you do not need a terrace or a huge patio to enjoy them. You can use them to plant seeds, add plants inside or simply to place decorative accessories inside. What is certain is that if you opt for one of the two greenhouses that Ikea has for you, you will not regret it!