Ikea flower pots to decorate your home

Ikea flower pots

Plants bring freshness to our homes allowing us to create an interior garden of varied colors. Taking care of them does not have to be difficult for us if we inside plants resistant and undemanding. Choosing what type of plant we want and deciding what kind of pot to put them is all we have to do to bring the outside into our home.

The Ikea flower pots allow us to play with different styles. In its catalog we will find classic pots of brick color, of artisan character elaborated with vegetal fibers and of contemporary design in color vibrant or neutral. In addition, if you want to forget about the care of plants, you can place your plants in innovative pots with autorriego.

Plants purify the environment of our home. On the kitchen table, the window shelf, the dresser in the hall, next to the sofa or bed.... the plants also provide color and freshness. The Ikea planters, besides containing ornamental plants, allow us to to have our own orchard at home, even in the smallest spaces.


  • 1 Planters in natural materials
  • 2 Modern flower pots
  • 3 Romantic flower pots
  • 4 Planters with integrated irrigation

Planters in natural materials

Ikea Planters 1

Bamboo, water hyacinth or solid poplar... are some of the natural materials for which Ikea bet. The current trend of betting on handicraft decorative objects has vegetal fibers and solid wood recover the protagonism lost in our homes.

Most Ikea pots made from these materials have a plastic interior that waterproofs the pot. This way neither the earth nor the humidity damages the exterior, making it more durable and practical. In natural colors, you can find them with different designs.

Modern flower pots

Planters of Ikea 2

One of the highlights among the new Ikea pots in the wide and asymmetric flowerpot of the series Bigarra. In addition to its functional aspect, we could consider this pot as a real sculpture. Made in stoneware has a matte surface that creates a velvety appearance and reminiscent of polished stone. Along with this, other more simple and colorful in shades of green, pink and blue, complete the catalog.

We do not want to forget about the hanging flower pots of the series Bittergurka, a whole trend! Ideal for hanging aromatic herbs near a window and bring them to the table to enjoy fresh herbs at the moment. The pots are also"modular", allowing us to hang from one another with the help of the bottom bar.

Romantic flower pots

Ikea 3 Planters

The Skurar series has been designed to put a warm and romantic touch to our home. It is inspired by the traditional crafts, the white wedding dresses, the bridal tiaras... and the lace, of course. Their pieces are made of steel, but they look like delicate tipped with the scalloped edge. Romantic and delicate are also the Rosepeppar flower pots, made of galvanized steel with flowers.

Planters with integrated irrigation

Ikea planters with integrated irrigation

The planters with integrated irrigation help our plants to develop, although we can not irrigate them regularly. The self-tapping attachment holds the ground with constant humidity . Ikea presents in its catalog up to three designs made of polypropylene plastic in white or black. Some with wheels, so you can easily move the pot when you want to clean, for example.

You will also find it in the Ikea catalog metal containers in plant or bronze tones that fit in all kinds of environments whether rustic, industrial or modern. And planters for the interior of your home as well as for your balcony, terrace or garden. In addition Ikea offers different accessories: brackets, plates with wheels, trellises... so that nothing in the global styling is left to chance.

As we have already proven the Ikea planters allow us to show our plants and adapt them to different spaces and environments. All to economical prices. From € 1.99 we can access a wide collection of various planters in terms of shape, size and color. Take a tour of Ikea and update your plants.

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