Ikea dressers for your home

Rast dresser

When a home is decorated it seems that the dressers are not important, but in reality they are a fundamental part of any house. The dressers are usually put in the rooms since the fundamental uses are focused mainly in this area of ​​the house, but in reality, its functionality can go much further.

The name of the dresser is not coincidence, they are called that because they will bring comfort to your life if you have them in your home. It is a piece of furniture that has existed since the 17th century and since then there have been countless homes that have enjoyed their uses, with dressers of all types and sizes. Each dresser was adapted to the decoration and the use of the home and the period. Now it's the same, the current comfortable are designed and designed in modern life and everything that can bring you in your daily comfort.

What is a comfortable one for?

A chest of drawers is not another piece of furniture. It will help you to have your bedrooms much more organized and organized. The dressers of a bedroom usually have kept in their drawers; blankets, pants, sweaters, pajamas, shirts, underwear, sheets, etc.

Malke by Ikea

Ikea knows that a bedroom is very personal and that decoration has a lot to do with the interests of the people who sleep in it. In this sense, he is aware that the decoration of his dressers will have to supply a large network of personalities that exist in our society. Each personality is a world and it is a challenge to have enough models so that when you want to buy a comfortable one, find one that you like.

For this, Ikea has more than 50 models of dressers so you will not have problems finding yours. You have more traditional styles, pure styles, modern, vintage... Of all the possible styles so that the decoration you have in your bedroom is not a problem to find the dresser that best goes with you and your personality.

Safety first of all at home

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, for this reason you must ensure the safety of your home, especially if you have young children at home that they never see the danger when exploring new places and learn new things through their Daily research in the near environment.

For this reason, the elderly must exercise extreme caution, and in the use of the dressers it will not be less. The furniture of storage in general and the comfortable ones risk of overturning if it is pulled of them towards the ground. To avoid accidents in your home, it is necessary to fix the chest of drawers to the wall with the anti-tipping device included in each Ikea chest of drawers. So, once you leave them fixed so they do not tip over, you'll be protecting your family and your young children.

Malm by Ikea 1

You will have to look at the type of wall you have at home, because depending on that you will need a type of anti-tipping device or another. You can also look at the products that Ikea sells about child safety, so you can protect corners, plugs, windows or any bull place in your home that can be a danger to your young children.

Designs for all tastes, with renewable materials!

People must focus on caring for nature and our planet, because it is the legacy where our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will live... and caring for it is something for everyone, not just a few. Because, Companies must also start to do their bit to be able to have a much more sustainable and caring planet. In this sense, Ikea also wants to do its bit to enjoy a planet more care thanks to all.

You can find many different designs in Ikea dressers and thanks to that you will find the one you like the most. But if you also want to contribute to the care of nature, you will like to know that the use of natural resources in a responsible way is also involved in the design of the Ikea dressers.

Hemnes chest of drawers

Some of the models of Ikea dressers have at least 50% of their weight manufactured in renewable materials. And if that were not enough, Ikea wants to go further in the responsibility of caring for the planet. By 2020 they want all the wood they use in their stores to come from sustainable sources with certification and recycled wood. In this way you will also be responsible with your surroundings when you are buying wooden furniture in Ikea.

Do you already know the type of dresser you want for your home? To buy the comfort you need, look in Ikea online or go to a physical store to discover the one you like the most. Remember that it is important to think about the budget you have and the measures you need in the space where you want to put your dresser.