Ikea comforters, ideal for your bed!

Ikea double bed

No matter what time of year we are, the Ikea comforters will always be a good choice not only to decorate your bed, but also to decorate it and create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Quilts are essential parts in a bed if you like to use them and also can give a lot of personality to the room.

It does not matter if you want to add comforters to your children's room, guests or your own, in Ikea you will surely find everything you are looking for in quilts. They have a wide variety so you can choose the one that best suits you.

So no matter what your tastes are, you will surely find one that suits your interests! And the best part is that if you combine them with a nice duvet cover, you will be adding a lot of personality to your home.

Ikea comforters

Ikea knows that the way we sleep is something personal, not everyone sleeps the same and Ikea must adapt to it. This is why you have quilts with different thermal levels and fillings, so you can have one depending on whether you are a more chilly or warmer person at different times of the year. In addition, you can also choose one for winter, another for summer and another for spring and autumn. The quilts can be adapted to you!

Double bed of Ikea 1

So whether you like to be warm or cool while you sleep, you will find the comforter that suits you. You can find Ikea quilts of feathers and down, of new materials such as lyocell, etc. Also the best of all, is that they are so wonderful quilts that will make you enjoy every night, as if you were a child. You will feel safety and comfort all the time.

Whether you are looking for a traditional duvet or a quilt that is adjustable, you should find one that will make your daily bed work easier each morning. In addition, it is important that you find a quilt that fits your budget, but in Ikea you will not have problems because they have a wide range of products. You will only have to find the best quilt for you. Once you do it you will have a cozy feeling that you will not be able to resist.

Types of Ikea quilts

Feather and down comforters

To rest like a baby Ikea has a variety of feather and down comforters. They are light and ideas for the nights when you do not want to cover yourself too much. There are also some that are more insulating than They will help you maintain the temperature of your body throughout the night with a pleasant feeling of well-being.

You just have to choose the thermal level you need. You do not have to forget to put style to your bed either. If you want a combined look, you will only have to choose the one that best suits you.

Ikea bedding

You can find different measurements and thermal levels so you can choose the best one. They are natural quilts that will protect you from the cold at the level you need. It is an organic product that will not leave you indifferent. In addition, they are resistant quilts and that respect our planet. You will save on heating and also help the environment.

Lyocell comforters

If you are looking for a light quilt then the lyocell quilts from the RÖDTOPPA series will please you. They are quilts that fit very well with any bedding and have two different sizes (150 x 200 cm and 240 x 220 cm), depending on the size of your bed. The warmest weighs 1,840 grams, and the freshest version barely reaches 1,400 grams.

Best of all, they are easy to wash since you can clean them up to 60 degrees, in the washing machine! This will end all the bacteria that are generated by sleeping every night. As if that were not enough, you can maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night.

The filling mixture, polyester and lyocell, achieves the goal of comfortable quilt, and you will have a great feeling of softness. The fabric, which mixes cotton and polyester, allows air to circulate during your break, which helps eliminate moisture. They are ideal to combine with duvet covers, but you can also put them with other bedding. The lyocell used by Ikea is a renewable material based on cellulose from wood, and is bleached without chlorine.


Polyester comforters

You can choose quilts that are only polyester or those that combine polyester with lyocell. The fabric of the padding can also be found in cotton, polyester and lyocell. The maintenance is simple in all cases, and it is also cheaper.

Ikea suggests the polyester quilt MYSKGRÄS. It is a thin quilt, with little filling and polypropylene fabric, ideal if you are a person with heat or if you have allergies to mites, you can wash it in a washing machine at more than 60 degrees. Other products from different ranges (TILKÖRT and GRUSBLAD, for example) are also quite economical.