Ikea bunk beds for children and youth rooms

Ikea bunk beds

The bunk beds are a really functional furniture that always works in children's and youth rooms. Whether we have a child or two, this furniture can be a great use of available space, so you have to take them into account. Nowadays this structure is also used to add a part of games or study in the lower area.

The Ikea bunk beds have metal or wood models and different designs to choose, that offer us different functionalities. In general they are usually used to sleep two children, but some structures, like the Stuva series, offer us much more, so it is a piece of furniture even for those houses that only have one child.

Berths Ikea Svarta

Ikea bunk beds

The Svarta bunk beds have the great advantage of having a light appearance . Although it is a tall piece of furniture it does not give the impression that it occupies too much or that it is very bulky. The style is modern, something ideal for youth rooms, although the metal can come to seem a bit cold, so it is always better to mix it with warm colors and beautiful textiles. The structure of this bunk is the usual, with a side ladder and two beds, one on top of the other. This Ikea bunk does not give rise to many more designs, it is that simple but it is also effective if we only want two beds.

Ikea Tuffing bunk beds


The Tuffing bunk beds have another different design in which the staircase is in the middle of the two beds. The truth is that it is similar to the previous one, with a simple metal structure, but if the staircase in this area is much more functional for a matter of organization, then it can be a better option. In this case we see how a storage unit is located next to the bunk, and if the ladder were on the edge it could be annoying. It all comes down to choosing the bunk that is most functional, although we should also like it. These metal bunk beds have the disadvantage of their coldness, but we are sure that adding textiles and colors, as with these furniture in deep red, we can bring warmth and joy to these spaces.

Ikea Mydal bunk beds

Literal Mydal

The Mydal bunk beds are natural style bunk beds in Ikea wood. They are similar to the famous Kura bed that was so popular for its hacks. In this case we see a nice wooden bunk for Nordic spaces, with a clear tone that we can also paint if we want to give it a different touch. The good thing about the simple pieces of wood of the Ikea is that they can be modified easily to achieve furniture that is much more personalized and special. We even find it much easier to find other Ikea furniture with which to combine this bunk, as there are many that have the same basic lines and light wood tones.

Berths Ikea Stora

Stora bunk beds

Here we have another Ikea bunk but in this case it has a black tone that serves for many more spaces than the children's or youth rooms. It is one of those furniture that is thought to be very functional and to serve as bed and Relaxation space or study area in the lower part, since that gap is available. It is a bed that can be used in bedrooms that have very little space to incorporate a separate desk or a sofa, so that it takes much more every square meter. Its black design gives a modern and sophisticated touch that works for everyone. That's why the Ikea furniture is so interesting, for its great versatility and for all the uses we can give them.

Bunk beds Ikea Stuva

Bunk beds Ikea Stuva

The Stuva bunk beds are designed to be a multifunctional piece of furniture , not the usual bunk with two beds. In this case it is a piece of furniture that has a single bed on top and uses the bottom one to add a practical desk. But we also have a lot of storage space in the lateral areas. We find a piece of furniture that has a beautiful design, that decorates the room by itself with these white tones and the basic lines so Nordic, but also provides all kinds of uses. On the desk we have several drawers and on the side there is a small cupboard with doors and several shelves with boxes.

The staircase almost looks like another shelf, although it is what links to the top. We understand that it may not be functional to everyone that vertical staircase, But if the children do not have a problem, this is one of the most practical furniture we have seen, with three functions in one.