Ikea Blinds to Filter Exterior Light

Shades of Ikea

Curtains, blinds, Japanese panels.. . All of them allow us to filter the exterior light and provide us privacy in our home. Each one does it however in a different way, through different installation and opening systems. We have talked in Decoora about the curtains and the Japanese panels But not the characteristics of the blinds.

The Shades of Ikea Are a practical and economical alternative to dressing windows and balconies. Composed by a single piece, they are collected vertically unlike curtains and Japanese panels. Very economical, they are offered in such a variety of designs that it is simple to adapt them to each type of stay.

The Ikea blinds allow us to draw a barrier between the exterior and the interior of our home. They help us Regulate the amount of light That enters a certain room and protects us from curious glances. They are therefore a practical solution to create a pleasant atmosphere in any room.

Shades Ikea

General Characteristics of Ikea Blinds

As we have already mentioned, the curtain is"a one-piece curtain, which Is collected vertically "This is what the RAE defines and that definition fits all the designs that Ikea proposes in its new catalog. Designs that also have many other features in common:

  • Filter the light And reduces reflections on the TV and the computer screen.
  • Prevents the interior from being seen Of the stay from the outside.
  • It can be mounted on the Interior or exterior The window frame or the ceiling.
  • HE Scroll slowly and silently Thanks to the soft-closing function.
  • The locking mechanism No laces required To take care of the safety of your children.

Ikea Stores: Advantages and Disadvantages

The anchor systems of the blinds are today much simpler than before, which allows us Install them easily . It is only one of the advantages of the blinds against other alternatives along with others related to maintenance and safety. But not all are advantages, the blinds also have some drawbacks.

Shades of Ikea


  • The anchoring systems are simple, allowing an installation process within reach of any hand
  • Easy maintenance ; Can be wiped with a cloth moistened with a mild soapy solution.
  • Economic , Within reach of any pocket
  • They are Insurance for children; The cords of the closing system are hidden or disappear.
  • Wide variety of designs And therefore easy to adapt them to an existing decoration.


  • They can be an obstacle To open and close the windows that open to the room.
  • When being rolled up they require a Height of 25 cm . Approximately, from the window to the ceiling.
  • They are Incompatible with some tissues Very rigid. Then we will not always be able to make them into the fabric we want.

Ikea Blinds: Design

In addition to helping us regulate the amount of light coming into the house and providing the privacy we need, the blinds have a Important aesthetic function . They dress the windows of our home and have a great influence on the general aesthetics of the room, contributing to the same contemporaneity.

Shades of Ikea 1

Ikea presents in its catalog a wide variety of designs with different characteristics. One of the most popular and economical blinds of Ikea is 'Tupplur', a blind with a special coating that totally prevents the Step of the light. Very appropriate in multimedia rooms to which we want to provide darkness.

Skogsklöver and Hoppvals, unlike the previous one, are shutters that if they let the outside light pass. Skogsklöver is a discreet blind that filters the exterior light and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Hoppvals, for its part, is striking because of its ability to trap air within the honeycomb structure, thus creating a Insulation layer Which can help us save on heating.

Colors and prints

Ikea blinds are available in up to five colors: white, beige, blue, gray and black. Neutral colors , Very versatile, that is simple to adapt to any room. Most of them have smooth designs, but in the catalog there are a couple of exceptions with pattern motifs.

Shades of Ikea 2

Ikea presents as a novelty a design, which like Tupplur, has a special coating that totally prevents the passage of light. It is a modern estore that presents Geometric motifs In gray tones on a white background. It also features a patterned, yet subtle, Liselott white model.

While we love to enjoy the outside scenery in a room with a view, we prefer that the outside elements are left out. To attenuate the external light or to protect us from the curious glances if we live in an urban area, can be sufficient reasons to bet by a solution like the blinds. A solution that in addition to practice is aesthetic and will provide a Warm and contemporary touch To the room.

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