Ikea bedrooms, a world of possibilities

Green Ikea bedroom

The Ikea bedrooms They always give us a lot of inspiration to decorate this part of the home. If Ikea provides us with their catalogs, it is a vision of current trends and how to use their products to create welcoming and incredible spaces in different styles. From the Nordic bedrooms to vintage spaces, with decorative details and very functional furniture.

Let's get carried away by all the inspiration that there is in the world of Ikea , which is not small. Really we will not see all the bedrooms that always bring us in each catalog, but only a few that will serve us to get an idea of ​​what it takes and what we can get with the pieces of this store.

Ikea bedroom neutral tones

White Ikea bedroom

In the Nordic style there is always space for neutral tones . In addition, these tones are a great idea for the bedrooms because they are very serene and relaxing. This bedroom shows us simple furniture with straight shapes and neutral textiles that are easy to combine.

Dark toned bedroom

Blue Ikea bedroom

If the furniture that you are going to buy in Ikea have light tones or are made of light wood, there is nothing better to make them stand out than to use dark tones on the walls . In this case it is a risky idea, but the effect is certainly striking and special. Do not forget to add light and add mirrors to multiply it.

Ikea minimal bedroom

Ikea minimalist bedroom

The minimalist takes a lot and in Ikea they know it. That's why they propose very simple furniture like this original bed in light-colored light wood. With a small table and a full-length mirror you already have a simple and elegant room.

Vintage style bedroom

Vintage Ikea bedroom

Almost never missing more vintage and classic furniture in the ideas of Ikea. The furniture in white is very trendy, and we will certainly find furniture of this type in the store. Cupboards with cabinets, comfortable and beautiful beds in wood. If you add some textiles with flowers you already have the romantic touch in the room.

Romantic bedroom

Romantic Ikea bedroom

Among the romantic and vintage we found many similarities. Beds made of wood or wrought iron, textiles with flowers and delicate details. The white color is ideal for these spaces.

Japanese style bedroom

Japanese Ikea bedroom

Ikea bedrooms can become very original spaces if we know how to combine them. The simplest furniture can be used to create Nordic or Japanese-style spaces, such as these. The wood, the simple lines and especially the sliding doors create this sensation.

Ikea bedroom with open wardrobe

Modern Ikea bedroom

The question of storage and cabinets for the bedrooms it is very important in this firm where they always think about functionality. If you want something that you can easily use, you can bet on Ikea's open cabinets. In this bedroom we see one that can be used from various angles and in which there are some drawers to store things.

Bedroom with partition cabinet

Bedroom Ikea wardrobe divider

The cabinets can also serve to separate environments in the bedroom. This large wardrobe with dark sliding doors is very decorative and serves to separate a living room area from the bedroom. This can be very useful in loft apartments, where everything is open.

Bedroom with dark furniture

Ikea bedroom black furniture

White furniture is very popular, but we can also bet on dark furniture. In this case the bedroom brings us furniture in black tones , that will have to be combined with lighter textiles and with white walls so that the space is not dark and dreary. These furniture have the quality of being very elegant.

Classic style bedroom

Classic Ikea bedroom

You can not miss the classic and simple bedrooms in Ikea . The white furniture is sold a lot, although we can also add some in light wood, very Nordic style. In this bedroom they also add wicker armchairs, a material that is very fashionable and is perfect for vintage and classic environments.

Natural Ikea bedroom

Ikea bedroom in natural style

He natural style we like it a lot, and to be able to reproduce it in Ikea they give us some guidelines. Simple white furniture, pieces of wood and wicker, jute carpets, paintings in earth tones and many natural plants. The result is a fresh, cozy and relaxing space like this bedroom.

Modern and functional bedroom

Modern Ikea bedroom

Nowadays, spaces have to be taken advantage of, so Ikea offers us some bedrooms that are modern and very functional . This for example has a bed that can be used as an armchair during the day and has a simple desk next to it, a living area in the center and storage cupboards that hide behind a curtain. Another example of how Ikea know how to take advantage of every square meter of our homes.

Storage furniture

Ikea bedroom storage furniture

The storage furniture They are very important in the bedrooms, because we need space to store our things. In Ikea we propose modular furniture that we can modify according to our needs, adding bars or drawers.

Forging bed sofa

Ikea forge bedroom

This is another beautiful and functional furniture in a bedroom that is used very well. With the coffee table they make a table at night and the bed works at the same time as a sofa.