Ideas to decorate the stairs

The stairs can be a part of your home that you find decorating something complicated. It is important to have creativity and good taste so that if you decorate this area of ​​the house, look good and you like to go through that area. There are people who never decorate them for fear that this area is not overloaded or not to stumble, but the decoration of the stairs can be a great idea.

Normally stairs can lead from the living room to the rooms on higher floors. As well You can take it to the basement or other places in the house that require the stairs to access them. Wherever the stairs of the home are, you can add an attractive touch with the decoration that makes the difference in your home.

If you do not know how you could decorate the stairs of your home so that it is well and that there is an area of ​​your cozy home, even if it is just a passing area, do not miss the following ideas because you will get a nice result. Choose the ideas you want or even combine them!

Accessories in the stairwell

If your staircase has a landing that connects the lower stairs with the upper ones, you can put some accessory so that it is well decorated. For example, You can add a nice big plant, some vase or statue according to the decoration.

Even if you see it right, you can add some pretty flowers on some steps to decorate a little more. But of course, in this sense it will be necessary that you keep it in mind so as not to stumble.

Carpets on the stairs

If you put a carpet for stairs can be an opportunity to improve the elegance of this area of ​​the house. In addition to improving the appearance of the stairs, you will also be protecting them since the footwear can spoil the stairs. You will also be promoting that it is warmer Walking through them whenever you want to go barefoot when going up and down the stairs.

You can also decorate the walls

If you do not want to touch the steps or the idea of ​​putting a carpet does not catch your attention (or put accessories on the steps or staircase), then you can look at the walls to decorate them. The walls can be adorned with images, photographs or images that you simply like.

You can upload photographs of your family, personal or simply images that make you feel good when you look at them. Another option is to put pictures or images that have motivating phrases or that you like to read them every day.

Another idea to decorate the walls is to paint them. In case you do not want to put pictures or images, you can add color by painting with colors that fit in the decoration of your home. The walls of the stairway should not be painted white or the same color as the rest of the walls. You can think of colors that you like and that fit to decorate your staircase, how about trying bright and eye-catching colors?

Add nature

Besides the accessories, adding nature is always a good option because people like to be close to nature. Whether you have decoration with natural reasons in the rest of your house or if you do not have them, you can think of the option of decorating your stairs with plants, you will be adding fauna and flora!

To avoid tripping if you want to put several pots is to opt for hanging pots and plants hanging from the ceiling. The effect can be really beautiful.

Adornment on the steps

If the carpet for the stairs you do not like but you want to decorate the stairs in some way, you can choose to decorate the lower part of the step. The surface of the step would be the same but you could show all your creativity with the lower part, For example, you can choose the following ideas:

  • Put colored wallpaper
  • Paint with bold colors
  • Paint with blackboard paper and then write what you want on them or draw
  • List the steps with colors
  • The other ideas can be put by your imagination and creativity!

Well lit staircase

If none of the previous ideas catches your attention but you want to give a different touch to your stairs, then you can think about modifying the lighting you have now for another one that enhances this area of ​​your home more.

Any staircase needs to be well lit to be able to pass through it when there is no natural light. You can play with the lights by adding colored lights, white lights or other light elements that you consider appropriate to decorate the stairs of your home.

With these ideas you already have where to start if you want to change the look of your stairs and improve the attractiveness of your home. You can even combine some of these ideas to enjoy an even more successful decoration. What ideas do you like best?